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Hibiscus Flowers

Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) is a plant from tropically warm regions that belongs to the mallow family. Hibiscus is known for its large red flowers that are rich in valuable organic acids (citric acid, hibiscin, malic acid), iron, vitamin C, polysaccharides, mucilage, and secondary phytochemicals such as anthocyanins and polyphenols.

Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder

Premium hibiscus powder in organic quality from the fertile Nile Valley in Egypt. Exclusively made from deep red calyces. Hand-picked, gently sun-dried and finely milled for the full retention of the red colour, high nutritional density, and characteristically fruity and tart flavour. Ideal for smoothies, lemonade, and adding to other dishes.
  1. Whole Flowers

    Nile, Egypt



    €49.50 / 1kg

  2. Whole Flowers

    Nile, Egypt

    €18.81 €19.80


    €47.02 / 1kg