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Flammulina velutipes, commonly known as enoki, is a common mushroom in the northern hemisphere which thrives at temperatures between 10°C and 12°C. Only frost stimulates the mushroom to form a fruiting body. In China, this edible mushroom has been cultivated for more than 1,000 years -- its cultivation was first documented in the Tang dynasty around 800 AD.

Enoki Mix: Extract + Powder

High-dose mixture of concentrated enoki extract and natural, finely milled organic raw powder: the best of both products in one.
  1. Raw, 30% Polysaccharides

    Gutian County, Fujian


    90 capsules

    €23.20 / 100g

Enoki Extract

Ultra-pure, concentrated extraction using water and food grade alcohol. Extract standardised to 30% polysaccharides, including beta-glucans.
  1. 500mg, 30% Polys.

    Gutian County, Fujian


    90 capsules

    €26.80 / 100g

Enoki Powder in Capsules

Raw, finely ground enoki powder from the whole mushroom, active enzymes preserved. Available in convenient capsules or as a loose powder.
  1. Raw, 500mg

    Gutian County, Fujian


    90 capsules

    €17.81 / 100g

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