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Vein Health

A well-functioning venous system is crucial for transporting oxygen-poor blood back to the heart and removing lymph and metabolic waste products. Certain nutrients can support venous health: vitamin C plays a role in the normal formation of collagen, supporting the health of blood vessels, while vitamin B1 contributes to the normal heart function.

Phyto Activate Ly Bio:

Premium tea blends of carefully selected ingredients based on our in-house recipe for optimal support. This finely balanced blend includes nettle, horsetail, birch leaves, dandelion, sweet clover, walnut leaves, mullein, bancha kari, burdock root, fermented sakura leaves, and marigold petals.
  1. Stinging Nettle, Birch Leaf, Etc.

    herbal infusion



    €86.00 / 1kg

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