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Advanced Age

With advancing age, the body's ability to absorb nutrients decreases, especially the B vitamins including B12. Simultaneously, bodily production of certain compounds such as coenzyme Q10 decreases. Targeted supplementation can help address these shortfalls and support balanced nutrition in advanced age.


Vitamin D synthesis decreases with age, thus making targeted supplementation meaningful. We offer premium vitamin D3 in combination with vitamin K2 MK7 all-trans, which plays a role in immune and bone health.
  1. All Cofactors


    120 capsules

    €11.49 / 100g

  2. 640mg Omega-3, 1,000 IU D3


    60 softgels

    €26.26 / 100g


Bodily absorption of vitamin B12 decreases with age. To prevent a deficiency, additional vitamin B12 may help. We offer all 3 natural forms of vitamin B12 in our own MH3A® formula.
  1. Bioactive

    vegan, no additives


    120 capsules

    €51.38 / 100g

  2. Bioactive

    vegan, no additives


    120 capsules

    €44.48 / 100g

Coenzyme Q10 + Polyphenol 21

Coenzyme Q10 plays a role in energy metabolism. The endogenous synthesis of this enzyme decreases starting at the age of 25 such that supplementation at advanced age may be appropriate. We offer active coenzyme Q10 in the form of the original Kaneka Ubiquinol®, either alone or combined with valuable polyphenols and vitamin C for protecting cells against oxidative stress and supporting normal skin, bones and connective tissue function.
  1. Plus EGCG

    resveratrol, Q10, PQQ & more


    120 capsules

    €98.52 / 100g

Migra Energy

Special functional blend for naturally supporting energy metabolism and the nervous system for mental well-being and in cases of exhaustion. With three forms of magnesium and bioactive vitamin B2. Plus Q10 complex of ubiquinone and Kaneka Ubiquinol® as well as acteyl-L-carnitine.
  1. Ubiquinol + Ubiquinone


    120 capsules

    €22.88 / 100g

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