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Highly bioavailable calcium in the form of calcium carbonate in natural combination with organic, ionic minerals and trace elements in highly bioavailable forms. Naturally and sustainably sourced. Tested for toxins. Vegan, no additives.

Calcium (Carbonate) - Lithothamnion Coralloides Algae

Plant-based calcium with high bioavailability derived from naturally calcified Atlantic red algae. In a complex of 28 minerals and trace elements that is especially rich in magnesium, iron, and iodine. Tested for toxins and very low in heavy metals.
  1. 63+ minerals & trace elements


    120 capsules

    €6.04 / 100g

  2. Calcified Atlantic Seaweed®

    63+ minerals & trace elements

    €18.80 €19.80

    2x120 capsules

    €57.32 / 1kg

Calcium (Carbonate) - Sango Coral

Purely natural and bioidentical to bones and teeth. High bioavailability (90%) with antacid effects. Available in 2 coral forms: 2:1 calcium magnesium or high-dose calcium (34%). Both include 70+ minerals and trace elements.
  1. 34% Calcium



    €4.95 / 100g

  2. €12.90


    €6.45 / 100g

  3. €12.90

    120 capsules

    €9.61 / 100g

  4. €22.90 €25.70

    240 capsules

    €8.54 / 100g

Calcium (Citrate)

Naturally sourced, high bioavailability, antacid effects, does not require stomach acid, contributes to the citrate cycle of cell respiration. In a combination with vitamin B12, since this vitamin cannot be properly absorbed in the intestines in the case of a calcium deficiency (hyperacidity, medication, etc.).
  1. Bioactive

    vegan, no additives


    60 capsules

    €64.78 / 100g

  2. Bundle

    vegan, no additives

    €28.30 €29.80

    2x60 capsules

    €61.52 / 100g

Vitamin K2 + D3 + Sango Coral 2:1 Calcium Magnesium Bundle

Calcium and all cofactors for its optimal absorption and utilisation in one bundle. Vitamin D3 controls the absorption of calcium, and vitamin K2 is necessary for its utilisation. Magnesium in turn activates vitamin D – all four nutrients thus form a tightly knit complex.
  1. Set

    €20.70 €21.80

    1 set

    €20.70 / 1pcs

Calcium in Sunday Essentials Multivitamins

The Sunday Essentials: Our multivitamin supplements provide comprehensive nutritional support. Essentials Multimineral and Multimineral Forte supply all the most essential minerals and trace elements in one product. Made from expertly selected premium ingredients, of which most are 100% natural plant extracts. Additionally, our All-in-One and All-in-One Organic supply a broad spectrum of all important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, phytochemicals and other bioactives, all embedded in a rich mixture of superfoods, berries and vegetables. For an optimal nutritional foundation. Vegan, no additives.
  1. No Iodine, Copper, Iron

    zinc, manganese, magnesium


    €17.28 / 100g

  2. Mg, Ca, Zn, Se, Fe & More

    minerals, trace elements


    120 capsules

    €21.83 / 100g

  3. Mg, Ca, Zn, Se, Fe & More

    high dose


    120 capsules

    €21.16 / 100g

Top Deals

  1. Bundle

    34% Calcium

    €18.90 €19.80


    €47.25 / 1kg

  2. Okinawa, Japan

    €24.50 €25.80


    €61.25 / 1kg

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