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About Us


Nutrients and active ingredients from natural, plant-based sources, in their most bioactive forms. Where possible, organically certified and sourced from pesticide-free cultivation.


From leading producers and the top cultivation areas worldwide. Laboratory-tested for purity and nutritional content.


Pure active ingredients without chemical additives. Gentle extraction methods. Non-GMO and free from pollutants. Specialised manufacturing with semi-automated, gentle machinery in order to expertly preserve the quality of nutrients.


Uniquely optimised formulas and products developed through partnerships and knowledge-sharing with holistic therapists, leading scientists, and quality manufacturers.


Almost exclusively vegan products, with a few vegetarian exceptions. All ingredients grown through sustainable practices and bought directly from local suppliers. Environmentally friendly packaging materials, including glass and biodegradable starch.


Maximum transparency about all ingredients and processes (absolutely no hidden ingredients).


Premium quality at a fair price due to direct purchasing and in-house production. Long lasting, fair partnerships with suppliers.

The Sunday Philosophy

For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have been using medicinal plants and nutritious foods to naturally foster and maintain vitality and good health.

With our products, we try to emulate this ancient wisdom as much as possible.

Consequently, our philosophy is simple: everything we do meets the highest standards of quality and purity; our focus is on organic and natural ingredients. We follow this philosophy with meticulous care on all levels and down to every last detail.

Natural Sources

Natural food products and medicinal plants thrive best when grown in their native regions, in harmony with nature. The less they are processed, the better they retain their natural potency. All of our products are therefore left as unprocessed as possible.

Our food supplements are also, whenever possible, extracted from natural sources. Where this is not possible, bioidentical raw materials extracted via organic synthesis from plants or bacteria are used. Vitamins, minerals and all other nutrients provide the best results in their natural, bioactive forms—just as nature intended and as the body prefers.

Such natural nutrients can be optimally absorbed and processed by the body to effectively support regeneration, healing and development.

Premium Quality

We search the world over to find the highest grade ingredients and superfoods for our products. Free from pollutants and nutrient-rich for optimal benefits and excellent flavour.

The search for the world's best ingredients, farmers, producers and production methods frequently results in months' and years' long meticulous research. We mindfully source all of our ingredients, only adding new products to our range when their quality meets our high standards.

We have both our raw ingredients and our finished products extensively tested by independent laboratories to confirm purity and active ingredient content. Only the purest and most effective ingredients are used at our production facilities in Berlin, where we produce Sunday products according to our own formulas and without chemical additives.


Our products use naturally active ingredients in their original form—unadulterated, without any impurities and free from controversial additives. All of our ingredients are non-GMO, laboratory tested and free from exposure to biocides and toxins.

Wherever possible, we rely on strictly organic quality and ingredients sourced directly from nature, extracted using only the most gentle methods.

Our natural supplements are completely free from controversial ingredients, and even our capsule shells do not contain any additives.

Custom-Made Solutions

When searching for ingredients, if we are not completely satisfied with the existing offerings on the market, we look for new solutions.

Not infrequently, we have our raw ingredients specially and exclusively produced for us. This process extends from specific instructions regarding the cultivation and residue-free extraction methods at our fields of special tea cultivars to the exclusive production of raw ingredients for our supplements.

The processing of exclusively organic ingredients without any preservatives often poses great challenges and expenses to our production and research and development teams. We balance out these high costs by opting for direct purchases, streamlined cost structures and lean sales organisation.


Our products are always in line with the latest scientific research and are developed in collaboration with selected scientists, therapists, farmers and quality producers. For each of our endeavours, we seek to create highly effective solutions through unique formulas and mixtures.

At the time of their inception, many of our products were novel. Rather than following market trends, we are among the pioneers of the industry, developing new formulas and establishing new transparency and quality standards.


Ecological, ethical and social considerations play a key role in our product range. That's why we sell almost exclusively vegan products, with a few vegetarian exceptions.

Building close and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers is important to us, and we regularly visit them on site. We actively check that our farmers and producers are providing good working conditions and fair wages to all employees, in order to ensure that our principles of fairness and ethical sourcing are being upheld.

The success of our brand has been built on our strong partnerships with like-minded people. Not only are our formulas developed in collaboration with leading scientists and holistic therapists, but many of our raw active ingredients are sourced from small, regional and family-owned businesses who are passionate about sustainable and pesticide-free cultivation.

We also have our own take on packaging: the majority of our products are packaged in glass and therefore are almost entirely recyclable. Other products are packaged in 100% biodegradable and compostable pouches made from starch, cellulose and paper. All our products are shipped in mineral oil-free boxes, and we avoid the use of plastic and polystyrene chips.


Our goal is to offer the highest quality, purest and most effective products, and to set the highest standards for quality and transparency.

In such a saturated —and often confusing— market, we can only earn the trust of our customers through full transparency. That's why, at Sunday Natural, we choose to disclose every single ingredient found in our products, even those that we aren't required to by law.

As well as full label disclosure, we have also started an unprecedented transparency programme. For the most important products in our range, we successively publish detailed and forgery-proof tests carried out by renowned, international independent laboratories. These tests demonstrate the purity and active ingredient content of our products. The expert knowledge of the laboratories and our quality producers also flows into our own production processes, allowing us to preserve nutrients that are sensitive to light, oxygen and heat.

Whenever possible, we apply for existing quality seals and actively work towards establishing new quality standards.


We consider health and vitality to be fundamental rights that should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we always offer all our products at fair and reasonable prices.

We apply fixed, moderate profit margins to our entire product line—our products are always as affordable as possible. Any reductions in raw ingredient and production costs are immediately reflected in the pricing of our products.


Sunday Natural is privately financed and is therefore not subject to the usual constraints of strict business plans, profit goals or investor demands. We are able to achieve success through our own measured approach, sense of responsibility and passion for what we do. Direct purchases and in-house production will allow us to continue to maintain these standards in the future.

We guarantee that, for each product category, at least one cheaper product with a smaller profit margin is available, so that those with a lower budget are able to benefit from our premium products. Of course, these more affordable products also meet—without compromise—our criteria for quality.

Natural Health

Healthy is the body's natural state. The goal of all of our products is to ensure optimal care, activate the body's self-healing capacities and support it in maintaining or regaining its natural balance.

In our modern world, this is not always easy. The quality of food products is constantly decreasing, while our need for nutrients is constantly increasing due to factors such as environmental pollution and the stresses of modern life. This results in the lack of an adequate basis for maintaining good health.

The damage is not only physical—it often affects fulfillment and success in both our private and professional lives.

Our vitamins, food supplements, superfoods and essential oils can help activate self-healing powers to strengthen and maintain the body's natural vitality.

The Company: Sunday Natural

Sunday Natural arose from a long-term commitment to and research into health, healing and personal growth. The founding of our brand was sparked by our lack of satisfaction with the quality of vitamins, food supplements and teas on the market. We decided to make the kind of supplements that we wanted to take: simple, high quality formulas made from ultra-pure raw ingredients.

Our company is independent and privately financed. The company management consists of alternative practitioners, dieticians, therapists, herbalists and nutrition specialists, whose passion for nutritious products guides the company.

Sunday is the day of rest, contemplation and regeneration—a time to heal and recuperate. The opening lotus flower is, in many traditions, a holy flower and symbol of individual and harmonious development. It is also a prominent emblem of purity.

We apply perspectives from science, holistic natural medicine and nutritional science to our passion. Sunday Natural is therefore a specialist in the most effective helpers in nature's medicine cabinet: superfoods, teas, food supplements and essential oils. Across all lines, we offer outstanding quality and a wide range of products.

Sunday Natural is one of the most renowned German producers of quality products and has its own research and development team in Berlin. We cooperate with select research institutions, scientists, therapists, farmers and professional associations to constantly refine our products.