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Immune Boost

A strong, effective immune system depends on an adequate supply of important nutrients that play a central role in the production of immune cells, messengers and defence substances. Nutrients such as vitamins C, D, A, zinc and selenium, among others, can make a meaningful contribution to supporting normal immune function.

Immune Active

Special functional blends to support normal immune function with vitamin C, D, zinc, and selenium: Immune Active Premium Complex with a wide range of selected, proven plant substances such as larch arabinogalactan, propolis, echinacea, quercetin, and many more. Immune Active Vital Mushrooms with vitamin C and agaricus (ABM), reishi, chaga plus original AHCC® shiitake mycelium extract.
  1. Propolis, Vit C, D, Zinc...

    Essentials Plus


    60 capsules

    €558.30 / 1kg

  2. Reishi, Agaricus blazei, Chaga

    vitamin C + bioflavonoids


    90 capsules

    €510.24 / 1kg

  3. Bundle

    Essentials Plus

    €47.31 €49.80

    €530.38 / 1kg

  4. Bundle

    Plus Vitamin C

    €56.81 €59.80

    2x90 capsules

    €484.73 / 1kg

Important Immune-Boosting Supplements

Vitamins C and D, Zinc and Selenium are important factors in the effective functioning of a strong immune system.
  1. Bioactive, Vegan

    no additives


    120 capsules

    €315.29 / 1kg

  2. Enhanced



    100 capsules

    €130.70 / 1kg

Immune Boost Sets

Our comprehensive immune boost sets provide the most essential nutrients, vitamin D and C, as well as trace elements such as zinc and selenium, plus cofactors including quercetin and our harmonious Cistus karigane Activate Tea. Our compact Immune Active Set includes our comprehensive Immune Active functional blend and our Immune Active medicinal mushroom complex with AHCC®.
  1. Set

    Vit D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, Cistus

    €75.15 €79.10

Herbal Teas

Premium tea blends made from carefully selected ingredients, finely crafted in accordance with time-tested Chinese recipes - handpicked and sourced from premium cultivation.
  1. Highest Grade

    Traditional Chinese Tea



    €169.00 / 1kg

  2. Highest Grade

    Traditional Chinese Tea



    €139.00 / 1kg

Frequently bought together

  1. 4% Chicoric Acid

    water-ethanol extract


    90 capsules

    €289.24 / 1kg

  2. 10% Alpha Glucans

    Shiitake Mycelium Extract


    60 capsules

  3. From Heartwood and Bark

    no additives


    120 capsules

    €293.98 / 1kg

  4. 10% Andrographolide

    ethanol extract


    120 capsules

    €200.81 / 1kg