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Sports & Fitness

Intense athletic activity, especially for endurance training or muscle building, can lead to increased nutritional needs. The body is only capable of high performance when it is optimally supplied with the vitamins and minerals that it needs. Especially the B vitamins as well as minerals such as magnesium are important for muscle function and energy metabolism.

Muscles & Strengthening

Healthy and strong muscles are not only the basis for athletic performance, but also an effective means of preventing a range of illnesses. Essential amino acids are the building blocks of all bodily proteins and therefore necessary for building and maintaining muscles. We offer creatine, which plays a role in energy production in the muscles; carnitine, which plays a role in fat metabolism; glutamine, which is needed during physical stress; and arginine and AAKG, which indirectly influence circulation and blood pressure.
  1. The Original

    Ultrareines Creatin-Monohydrat


    120 capsules

    €142.99 / 1kg

  2. The Original

    Ultrareines Creatin-Monohydrat



    €43.80 / 1kg

  3. 72% Protein

    plant-based protein complex



    €57.25 / 1kg

  4. 65% Protein

    plant-based protein complex



    €38.17 / 1kg

Endurance & Performance

The body expends great amounts of energy during intensive endurance training. Energy production in the mitochondria, in turn, requires large quantities of the B vitamins as well as magnesium and iron. Supplementing these nutrients can help to replenish the body's supply after training.
  1. Bioactive

    with choline, inositol, PABA & betaine


    60 capsules

    €456.76 / 1kg

  2. Bioactive Lozenges

    vegan, no additives


    €386.11 / 1kg

  3. Pharmaceutical Grade


    120 capsules

    €132.35 / 1kg

  4. Bioactive

    from fermentation


    €705.19 / 1kg