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Baikal Skullcap

Baikal skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) is a herb belonging to the mint family and is mainly found in China and Siberia. The most commonly used part of the plant is its root, which contains a high concentration of secondary phytochemicals as well as essential oils, tannins and vitamins.

Baikal Extract

Ultra pure baikal skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) root extract, with 85% baicalin. Rich in valuable secondary phytochemicals, extracted using water, no solvent residues.
  1. 85% Baicalin

    water extract


    60 capsules

    €66.22 / 100g

  2. Bundle

    water extract

    €28.31 €29.80

    2x60 capsules

    €62.91 / 100g

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