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The liver is the central metabolic organ and the largest gland in the human body. In addition to producing bile and proteins, it stores nutrients and is responsible for detoxifying the body. Nutrients such as choline make an important contribution to normal liver function.

Liv Ultra - Liver Complex

Premium complex with 24 premium nutrients and other bioactives, including choline for supporting liver function. With ultra-pure extracts of milk thistle, artichoke, gentian, dandelion, turmeric, schiandra and berberine. Plus a bioactive B complex with nutrients including glutathione, SOD, Q10, taurine and L-ornithine, as well as medicinal mushroom extracts of reishi and cordyceps.
  1. Phytochemicals, Bitter Plant Compounds, Antioxidants


    60 capsules

    €40.37 / 100g

  2. Phytochemicals, Bitter Plant Compounds, Antioxidants

    €37.81 €39.80

    2x60 capsules

    €38.35 / 100g

Herbal Teas

Blends of selected herbs, including dandelion root, nettle, birch leaf, milk thistle and horsetail, for use as a supportive tea. Valuable herbs, either wildcrafted or cultivated without the use of plant protection products, from the world's best locations.
  1. Dandelion, Sunrouge, Etc.




    €9.90 / 100g

  2. Gyokuro, Horsetail, Etc.

    herbal infusion



    €9.90 / 100g

  3. Stinging Nettle, Birch Leaf, Etc.

    herbal infusion



    €11.90 / 100g

  4. Set

    3 tea blends

    €30.12 €31.70

    €10.04 / 100g

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