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Green Tea Extract

Highly concentrated tea polyphenols, catechins, and EGCG from green tea with natural vitamin C for improved absorption. High-quality water-based extraction, decaffeinated, custom production in Germany. Laboratory tested.

Green Tea Extract EGCG Plus Vitamin C + Quercetin

150mg green tea extract per capsule, including 144mg EGCG, in combination with 150mg vitamin C and 20mg quercetin. Ultra-pure water extract of pesticide-free green tea leaves (EGCG) and Sophora japonica blossoms (quercetin) plus original PureWay-C® (vitamin C). No additives.
  1. Plus Vit. C + Quercetin

    96% EGCG


    90 capsules

    €46.17 / 100g

Green Tea Extract Plus Vitamin C + Quercetin

150mg green tea extract per capsule with a broad spectrum of polyphenols and catechins, from pesticide-free green tea leaves. 147mg polyphenols, 107mg catechins and 70mg EGCG, plus 30mg vitamin C by PureWay-C® and 5mg quercetin from Sophora japonica blossoms. Unique, custom-made tablets pressed using only acacia fibre and no pressing aids or other additives.
  1. Plus Vit. C & Quercetin

    71% catechins, 47% EGCG


    240 tablets

    €11.55 / 100g

  2. Bundle

    71% catechins, 47% EGCG

    €28.31 €29.80

    2x240 tablets

    €10.97 / 100g

Green Tea Extract with l-Theanine

Natural, custom-made green tea extract. High-quality, water-ethanol extraction of pesticide-free green tea leaves, no residues. Per capsule: 100mg L-theanine in bioactive theanine form.
  1. 100% naturally sourced

    pesticide-free, decaffeinated


    120 capsules

    €66.02 / 100g

  2. 100% naturally sourced

    pesticide-free, decaffeinated

    €32.11 €33.80

    240 capsules

    €62.71 / 100g

Green Tea Extract in Sunday Essentials Multivitamins

The Sunday Natural Essentials: our multivitamins provide comprehensive nutritional support. Our Vitamins I supplies all water-soluble vitamins (C and Bs) in combination with bioactive vital substances, powerful antioxidants, premium algae powders, medicinal mushroom extracts, and select superfoods. Vitamins I is also available in a high-dose Forte variant. All-in-One provides complete nutritional supplementation in just one supplement: a uniquely broad spectrum of essential nutrients and important vital substances as well as phytochemicals, embedded in a rich matrix of superfoods, berries, and vegetables. Expertly crafted from high-quality ingredients from all over the world.
  1. B, C, Q10 & More

    plus phytonutrients


    90 capsules

    €34.30 / 100g

  2. B, C, Q10 & More

    high dose


    90 capsules

    €32.21 / 100g

  3. 60+ Nutrients

    plus superfoods


    120 capsules

    €26.66 / 100g

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