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The cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon), a plant closely related to the bilberry, is rich in phytochemicals. Proanthocyanidins (PACs) are the cranberry's most important and biologically active compounds. PACs are water-soluble polyphenols which are easily absorbed into the bloodstream via the gut.

Cranberry Extract 50mg PACs + Vitamin C

Premium cranberry extract with the highest proanthocyanidin (PAC) content found worldwide: 50mg PACs per capsule. The ultra-pure water–ethanol extraction is performed without the use of any further chemical solvents. Supplemented with naturally sourced vitamin C with a lipid coating and citrus bioflavonoid complex for enhanced absorption and retention. Fructose free, no additives.
  1. 40% Proanthocyanidins

    water–ethanol extract


    90 capsules

    €692.62 / 1kg

  2. Bundle

    water–ethanol extract

    €32.11 €33.80

    2x90 capsules

    €657.99 / 1kg

Organic Cranberry Powder

Whole, ripe cranberries, finely ground into a premium fruit powder. 100% certified organic cranberries wildcrafted in the pristine forests of Latvia. Carefully harvested by hand, then gently freeze dried to fully preserve their raw quality, intense red colour and typical fruity flavour.
  1. Freeze-Dried, Raw




    €149.00 / 1kg

  2. Freeze-Dried, Raw


    €28.31 €29.80


    €141.55 / 1kg

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