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Summer Beauty

The essential nutrients and antioxidants for the summer include beta-carotene (as provitamin A) and vitamin A, which naturally contribute to radiant skin, vision, and mucous membrane function. Biotin supports the maintenance of healthy skin and hair. Vitamin E actively contributes to cell protection, while vitamin C, with its collagen-promoting properties, maintains normal skin function and regenerates depleted vitamin E.


Premium, purely plant-based astaxanthin in the form of BioAstin® from Hawaii derived from the Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae. Unique special production worldwide: dissolved in MCT oil from coconut, in vegan GreenCaps without additives.
  1. BioAstin®

    Hawaii, vegan


    60 capsules

    €417.42 / 1kg

  2. BioAstin®

    Hawaii, vegan


    60 capsules

    €652.42 / 1kg

Vitamin C & Vitamin E

Premium vitamin C complex from 6 natural sources including acerola, camu camu, amla and rosehip plus bioflavonoid complex of quercetin, rutin, OPC, citrus bioflavonoids and berry polyphenols. This high-dose vitamin E complex is made from rice oil with all 4 tocopherols and 4 tocotrienols.
  1. From 5 Sources + Flavonoids

    plus OPC, quercetin, rutin & more


    100 capsules

    €173.87 / 1kg

  2. Berry Polyphenols



    100 capsules

    €162.31 / 1kg

  3. All 8 Forms of Vitamin E

    100% rice oil, soy free


    60 capsules

    €807.81 / 1kg

  4. All 8 Forms of Vitamin E

    high dose, natural


    60 capsules

    €450.15 / 1kg

Beta-Carotene & Vitamin A

Beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A, contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, mucous membranes and vision. Beta-carotene in the form of a 100% plant-based extract of dunaliella algae in a natural carotenoid complex. Available in custom-made, ultra-pure tapioca softgel capsules (free from carrageenans). Vegan.
  1. in MCT Oil

    bioactive, vegan



    €357.40 / 1kg

  2. plant based

    provitamin A


    180 capsules

    €532.09 / 1kg

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of connective tissue, joint fluid, skin, and eyes due to its moisture-binding function. Our hyaluronic acid is purely vegan and obtained through fermentation, available in two solid forms: highly concentrated and readily accessible with a medium molecular weight, and a premium version with excellent tolerance due to its bioidentical high molecular weight of 2.2 million Dalton. We also offer a liquid formulation with authentic liposomes.
  1. Medium Molecular Weight

    vegan, aus


    120 tablets

    €474.52 / 1kg

  2. High Molecular Weight


    60 capsules

    €739.53 / 1kg

  3. Genuine Liposomal

    in phospholipids



    €111.60 / 1l


Biotin (vitamin B7) contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and hair, and to normal energy-yielding metabolism. We offer high-dose, bioactive D-biotin in pharmaceutical quality with 10mg per capsule. Laboratory tested, vegan, no additives.
  1. Pharmaceutical Grade

    vegan, no additives


    120 capsules

    €218.00 / 1kg