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Bones & Joints

The bones form the basic structure of our body and musculoskeletal system. Joints are the "hinges of life" and significantly determine our mobility. In addition to sufficient movement, nutrients can also make a meaningful contribution as building blocks for bone and cartilage tissue.


Joints are the "hinges of life" and determine the body's mobility. In addition to sufficient exercise, nutrients also play an important role in the maintenance of joints. If joint function is impaired by degenerative processes, inflammation or chronic illness, targeted nutrition may help. Joints are dependent on collagen and cartilage formation, which can be supported with appropriate nutrition.
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    40mg vitamin C


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Bones enable movement as the inner scaffolding of the body, and bone marrow is the site of blood and immune cell formation. Bones are comprised largely of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and the structural protein collagen. Vitamins such as vitamin D play an important role in bone health by contributing to calcium metabolism.
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