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Digestion is one of the most important stages of nutritional intake. Healthy intestines and microflora as well as sufficient production of digestive acid and enzymes are prerequisite for optimal nutritional absorption.

Activated Charcoal

Ultra pure, finely porous activated charcoal in pharmaceutical quality. Premium product made from 100% European beech wood via gas activation (steam, carbon dioxide, air), not chemical activation. Purely natural and free from chemical plasticisers as well as binding agents.
  1. Pharmaceutical Quality

    EU, gas activation


    120 capsules

    €20.14 / 100g

  2. Pharmaceutical Quality

    EU, Gas Activation

    €16.80 €17.80

    2x120 capsules

    €19.09 / 100g


Zeolite detox capsules and powder as medicinal products for the removal of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, quicksilver) and ammonium. Made in Germany.
  1. Pharmaceutical Quality

    medical device class I


    144 capsules

    €18.72 / 100g

  2. Pharmaceutical Quality

    medical device class I



    €13.83 / 100g

  3. Bundle

    medical device class I

    €47.30 €49.80


    €177.82 / 1kg

  4. Pharmaceutical Quality

    medical device class I

    €47.30 €49.80


    €131.39 / 1kg


Organic Indian psyllium husks (Plantago indica / ovata) milled to a fine powder, or in 650mg capsules
  1. Raw, Vegan

    finely ground



    €26.25 / 1kg

  2. Rajasthan, India

    raw, vegan


    240 capsules

    €8.08 / 100g

  3. Organic quality

    highly bioactive


    120 capsules

    €20.87 / 100g

  4. Extra fine, peeled

    from Niger



    €3.30 / 100g

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