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Organic Fruits & Berries

Certified organic vitamin C complex from select fruits, berries and superfoods. 200mg of natural vitamin C per capsule, derived from organic acerola, organic camu camu, organic rosehip and organic sea buckthorn, embedded in valuable polyphenols, flavonoids and antioxidants from fruit powders, including recurrants, wild blueberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blackberry and raspberry powders. 100% non-GMO and free from gluten, lactose, soy and gelatine. Vegan. 100 capsules
  • Natural vitamin C complex from four certified organic fruits as well as a variety of organic berries and superfoods
  • Full synergy: vitamin C in a natural plant matrix
  • 200mg of naturally sourced vitamin C per capsule
  • Vitamin C supports energy metabolism, the immune and nervous systems and normal mental function
  • Protects cells against oxidative stress and increases iron absorption
  • Contributes to normal collagen formation (blood vessels, bones, cartilage, teeth, gums, skin)
100 capsules

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Premium Bioactive Ingredients

  • Natural vitamin C complex from four certified organic fruits as well as a variety of organic berries and superfoods
  • Full synergy: vitamin C in a natural plant matrix
  • 200mg of naturally sourced vitamin C per capsule
  • Wide variety of natural forms of vitamin C from organic acerola, organic camu camu, organic rosehip and organic sea buckthorn, plus organic superfoods
  • Organic fruit powder blend made from organic blackcurrants, organic wild blueberries, organic apples, organic strawberries, organic sour cherries, organic blackberries and organic raspberries, berries also rich in vitamin C
  • Rich phytochemical matrix with a broad spectrum of natural antioxidants, each with its own effect profile
  • Acerola powder in the form of pure, freeze-dried juice from Brazil, derived from whole acerola cherries and with 30% vitamin C
  • 100% natural and pure camu camu powder (with seeds): organic, raw and sourced from Peru
  • Premium fruit powder from the original Rosa canina rosehip from Chile (organic and grown in the Andes at an elevation of over 800m)
  • Organic whole fruit powder of air-dried sea buckthorn
  • Ultra-pure, vegan capsule shells made from plant-based cellulose (HPMC), free from PEG and carrageenans

How are we different?

Vitamin C does not occur in nature as an isolated compound. It is always integrated into a rich matrix of various polyphenols and other phytochemicals, which not only support the recycling of vitamin C and exert a synergistic effect through their antioxidant properties but also increase the bioavailability and retention of vitamin C.

Our organic vitamin C complex supplies vitamin C from a diverse range of natural, plant-based sources, including organic acerola cherries, organic camu camu, organic rosehip and organic sea buckthorn, as well as from a blend of organic fruit powders of blackcurrant, blueberry, strawberry, sour cherry, blackberry and raspberry, which also add further valuable nutrients and other bioactives to this complex. All raw materials are processed gently under ideal conditions, and all fruit powders are gently freeze dried or air dried to best preserve their naturally high vitamin C content as well as their valuable phytochemicals. We refrain from the use of quick drying methods, which can significantly reduce natural nutrient diversity.

All the whole fruit powders in this product are certified organic and cultivated without the use of plant protection products. The entire vitamin C content of this complex is the pure result of the five plant-based ingredients contained.

For the capsule shells we use custom-made HPMC capsules that, unlike most other HPMC and pullulan capsules on the market, are 100% free from controversial additives such as carrageenans and PEG. We then package this product in environmentally friendly amber glass.


  • Premium active ingredients in their purest form
  • Sourced directly from the world’s best producers
  • Our select raw materials are the basis of all our formulations
  • Complete avoidance of all unnecessary additives and adjuvants
  • Exclusive use of valuable natural ingredients for additives
  • We voluntarily declare all ingredients
  • All extractions performed without the use of chemical solvents
  • Custom production when necessary, in order to achieve the highest possible level of purity
  • Independent laboratory testing available on product pages
  • Raw materials sourced only from premium suppliers who are committed to fair working conditions
  • Amber glass and compostable pouches used for packaging
  • Vegan capsule shells, free from PEG and carrageenans
  • Packaged in the EU according to HACCP, GMP and ISO 22000:2018 standards
  • Stored in non-toxic containers
  • Shipped in mineral oil-free boxes
  • All products guaranteed 100% free from magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, nanoparticles (no legal opportunism), genetic engineering, artificial colours and flavours, titanium dioxide and added sugar & sweeteners


Vitamin C is involved in numerous redox reactions as an antioxidant and cofactor, thus influencing numerous processes in the human body, such as energy metabolism and the immune system, and providing antioxidative protection to cells. It is also involved in the formation of collagen, the structural protein found in skin, cartilage, bones and blood vessels, as well as in the synthesis of hormones.

High concentrations of vitamin C are found naturally in fresh fruits, vegetables and berries such as camu camu, sea buckthorn berry, acerola cherry, rosehip, black currant, kale, parsley, kiwis and citrus fruits, among others.

The role of vitamin C in the body remains an active area of research. Almost every year, new mechanisms of action are discovered for this fascinating vitamin. The following statements regarding vitamin C are provided by the EU:

Health Benefits of Vitamin C

According to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), Vitamin C contributes to:

  • The reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Normal mental function
  • The regeneration of the reduced form of vitamin E
  • Normal energy metabolism
  • Normal immune system function
  • The normal function of the nervous system
  • Protecting cells against oxidative stress
  • Normal collagen formation for normal blood vessel function
  • Normal collagen formation for normal bone function
  • Normal collagen formation for normal cartilage function
  • Normal collagen formation for normal dental function
  • Normal collagen formation for normal gum function
  • Normal collagen formation for normal skin function
  • Increasing iron absorption
  • Maintaining normal immune system function both during and after intense physical activity

Synergy with Bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids are the most common type of phytochemical. These important compounds are found in vegetables, fruits and herbs and are responsible for, e.g., the vibrant colour of blueberries and of dark leafy vegetables. Bioflavonoids have strong antioxidant properties; to support the natural synergy between vitamin C and bioflavonoids, our vitamin C complexes contain a broad spectrum of valuable bioflavonoids from citrus fruits, berries and superfoods which themselves are also rich in vitamin C.


Our acerola is sourced from Brazil. It is gently freeze dried immediately after harvest and then milled into a natural fruit powder without the addition of controversial carrier materials such as maltodextrin. Acerola cherries are known for their exceptionally high vitamin C content (approximately 1,700mg/100g fresh).

Camu Camu

The small, yellowish red camu camu fruit (Myrciaria dubia) grows wild in the Peruvian Amazon. The fruity and sour, slightly bitter berries are among the most vitamin C-rich foods on earth, with roughly 40 times the vitamin C of an orange. The dried berry can reach up to 13–14% vitamin C.


We source our premium rosehip powder from Chile, where the variety of rosehip (Rosa canina L.) richest in bioactives thrives. The wild bushes grow slowly under the harsh climatic conditions in the south of Chile, at an altitude of 800m. This slow growth fosters the development of a uniquely high quality fruit. Hildegard von Bingen considered rosehip to have special healing properties.

Sea Buckthorn

The fruits of sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) are true vitamin bombs. Sea buckthorn contains about 10 times as much vitamin C as a lemon, making it an excellent source of vitamin C.

Black Currants

Blackcurrants are rich in bioactives, surpassing their red counterparts many times over. The black colour of the berries is a result of their high anthocyanin content. These plant pigments offer the currants protection from oxidative damage caused by the sun.

Phytochemical Blends

Additionally, this product contains a complex of bioflavonoids from mixed citrus fruits and polyphenols from wild blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries.


Recommended Dosage

Take 1 capsule (200mg vitamin C) daily.

Daily Requirements

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends an intake of 100mg vitamin C per day. The recommended daily intake according to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is 80mg.

Vitamin C should be divided into several portions throughout the day, as the body can only absorb a limited amount into its tissues at once before they reach saturation and because blood levels of the vitamin drop relatively soon after ingestion.

Food Supplement

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Food supplements cannot replace a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Ingredients: Organic Acerola Powderᛡ, Organic Camu Camu Powder, Organic Rosehip Powder⤉, Organic Sea Buckthorn Powder⤉, Organic Black Currant Powder⤉, Organic Strawberry Powder, Organic Wild Cherry Powder, Organic Wild Blueberry Powder, Organic Blackberry Powder, Organic Raspberry Powder.
Capsule shells: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.
Contains: 100 capsules

Ingredients/Capsule % NRV**
Vitamin C  200mg 250%
    from organic acerola powderᛡ 596mg -**
    from organic camu camu powder 100mg -**
    from organic rosehip powder⤉ 25mg -**
    from organic sea buckthorn powder⤉ 25mg -**
    from organic blackcurrent powder⤉ 25mg -**
Organic strawberry powder 5mg -**
Organic sour cherry powder 5mg -**
Organic wild blueberry powder 5mg -**
Organic blackberry powder 5mg -**
Organic raspberry powder 5mg -**

* Nutrient Reference Value
** no reference available
ᛡ freeze dried
⤉ air dried 

Per capsule: 200mg vitamin C
Per jar: 20,000mg vitamin C


Organic Certification

Product Details

German Pharmaceutical Number (PZN) 17873206
Production In-house production in Europe, bottling and encapsulation in the EU according to HACCP, GMP and ISO 22000:2018 standards
Finished products packaged in amber glass jars and stored in non-toxic containers
Shipping in mineral oil-free boxes
Capsules Plant-based cellulose (HPMC). Vegan
Premium HPMC quality: Free from controversial additives such as carrageenans and PEG
Packaging Amber glass jar to protect against light and oxidation (free from plasticisers and BPA)
To Reuse Remove product label by soaking the jar in warm water for 5 minutes. Glue residue can be removed with dish soap.

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With our products, we try to emulate this ancient wisdom as much as possible.

Consequently, our philosophy is simple: everything we do meets the highest standards of quality and purity; our focus is on organic and natural ingredients.

We follow this philosophy with meticulous care on all levels and down to every last detail.

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