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Two of the world's best and most nutritious chlorella products: Sunday Chlorella from Japan with nano-cell walls and polysaccharide shells (ideal for a phyto-cleanse), and organic Chlorella vulgaris from India with a high concentration of plant pigments including chlorophyll and bioactive vitamin B12 (ideal for optimal nutritional supplementation). Regularly laboratory tested for heavy metals, PAKs, and toxins. Vegan, no additives.

Sunday Chlorella Japan

Premium chlorella algae in ultra pure quality from Japan as a daily nutritional supplement with a high content of chlorophyll, B vitamins, vitamin D2, iron, and a bioactive polysaccharide shell. Naturally low iodine content. Special nano-cell wall for 82% higher bioavailability. Ideal as part of a phyto-cleanse.
  1. Japan

    nano-cell wall, bioactive


    600 tablets

    €15.75 / 100g

  2. Japan

    nano-cell wall, bioactive

    €35.90 €37.80

    2x600 tablets

    €14.96 / 100g

Organic Chlorella India

Premium organic Chlorella vulgaris with an extremely high vitamin B12 content of 2.1µg per 500mg tablet (421µg B12 / 100g). Very tolerable as a result of naturally low iodine content. Spray-dried with broken cell walls for optimal nutritional absorption.
  1. Southern India

    with natural vitamin B12


    240 tablets

    €12.42 / 100g

  2. Southern India

    with natural vitamin B12

    €28.30 €29.80

    2x240 tablets

    €11.79 / 100g

Chlorella in Sunday Essentials Multivitamins

The Sunday Natural Essentials: our multivitamins provide comprehensive nutritional support. Our Vitamins I supplies all water-soluble vitamins (C and Bs) in combination with powerful antioxidants, premium algae powders, medicinal mushroom extracts and select superfoods. Vitamins I is also available in a high-dose Forte variant. All-in-One provides complete nutritional supplementation in just one supplement: a uniquely broad spectrum of essential nutrients and other important bioactives such as phytochemicals, embedded in a rich matrix of superfoods, berries and vegetables. Expertly crafted from high-quality ingredients from all over the world.
  1. B, C, Antioxidants

    naturally sourced


    90 capsules

    €34.30 / 100g

  2. B, C, Antioxidant



    90 capsules

    €32.21 / 100g

  3. Multivitamin

    60+ nutrients


    120 capsules

    €26.66 / 100g

  4. 60+ Nutrients

    for vegans


    120 capsules

    €28.73 / 100g

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