Сhlorella + Spirulina


Bundled set of our premium Chlorella vulgaris (CK5) from Japan with our Hawaiian spirulina powder: Japanese chlorella with high nutrient levels, rich in chlorophyll, folic acid, B vitamins, vitamin D2 and iron, and only traces of iodine (less than 1µg per tablet), plus original spirulina from Hawaii, with particularly high nutrient density, a mild taste and high phycocyanin content. Premium algae without additives, free from irradiation and pesticides. Alkaline, vegan. 600 tablets of chlorella + 250 tablets of spirulina
  • Premium Chlorella vulgaris (CK5) from Chikugo, Japan with high nutrient density 
  • Particularly high content of chlorophyll (3,100mg/100g) and vitamin D2 (12,640 IU/100g)
  • 82% higher bioavailability due to special nano-cell wall and polysaccharide shell
  • Laboratory tested for heavy metals, pesticides, afla and algae toxins
  • Premium spirulina (A. platensis) with particularly high nutrient density
  • High in protein, vitamin B12, provitamin A and plant pigments such as chlorophyll and phycocyanin (9%)
  • Naturally low in iodine
  • 100% pure algae, no other additives
  • Delicious, mild taste
  • Alkaline and vegan
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Sunday Chlorella Tablets

Premium quality Chlorella vulgaris algae (CK5) from Japan with a particularly bioavailable nano cell wall, high content of nutrients and chlorophyll. From pesticide-free cultivation, no additives. Raw food quality. Alkaline, vegan, laboratory tested. 600 tablets

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Hawaiian Spirulina Tablets

Spirulina tablets from Hawaii with a particularly high nutrient density, mild taste and high phycocyanin content. Ultra-pure, premium quality. Particularly gentle, patented spray-drying process (Ocean-Chill Drying). 400mg raw spirulina per tablet, specially produced for us without silicon dioxide or any other additives. No pesticides and free from radiation. Alkaline, vegan. 250 tablets

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