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To be able to withstand the demands of modern everyday life, it is important to maintain a balanced supply of energy. When all cells are supplied with the energy they need, the body is able to support a full, energetic lifestyle.


Our balanced, revitalising mix of 100% plant-based vitamins, phytochemicals and other bioactives for supporting energy production. Includes caffeine from green coffee and L-theanine from green tea in unique combination with Chinese yam powder. All ingredients are 100% natural, with most being cultivated according to strict criteria.
  1. 100mg Caffeine

    100% plant based


    30 capsules

    €50.00 / 100g

Organic Caffeine from Green Coffee and Guarana

Our organic caffeine from 100% natural and plant-based sources is the first of its kind. An ultra-pure 50:1 extract of green coffee beans, caffeine extracted using only water, and premium organic guarana powder from Bahia, Brazil. Every capsule of raw Demeter guarana powder contains 3.5-5% caffeine.
  1. 100% Natural

    from green coffee & green tea


    90 capsules

    €74.12 / 100g

  2. Bahia, Brazil

    Demeter, raw


    100 capsules

    €18.17 / 100g

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