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For centuries, the passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) has been used in the Americas as a herb and food by indigenous peoples. The most important components of passionflower are flavonoids, including vitexin and glycosides of apigenin and luteolin, as well as the substances isovitexin and shaftoside.

Passionflower Extract

Highly concentrated 10:1 passionflower extract with 5% flavonoids. Wide spectrum of active ingredients. Natural extraction using only water and food grade ethanol, no extraction residues. 100% pure, plant-based extract without additives or carriers.
  1. 4% Flavonoids

    water-ethanol extract


    180 capsules

    €159.88 / 1kg

  2. Bundle

    water-ethanol extract

    €24.61 €25.90

    2x180 capsules

    €151.91 / 1kg

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