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Balanced mixtures of important medicinal mushrooms, each with its own active ingredient profile, containing valuable compounds such as polysaccharides, beta-glucans, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Synergetic combinations of highly concentrated extracts. Mushrooms sourced from Gutian, in China's Fujian County, a region renowned for its long tradition of medicinal mushroom cultivation. Ultra-pure, 100% vegan, no additives.

Immune Active

Premium blend of medicinal mushrooms with vitamin C to support immune function. Highly concentrated extracts of Agaricus (ABM), reishi and chaga combined with shiitake or, in our newest formula, with AHCC®, a specially formulated extract rich in short-chain alpha-glucans. A rich combination of potent polysaccharides and beta-glucans.
  1. Reishi, Agaricus blazei, Chaga

    vitamin C + bioflavonoids


    90 capsules

    €51.02 / 100g

  2. Bundle

    €56.81 €59.80

    2x90 capsules

    €48.47 / 100g

Organic Urovital

Organic medicinal mushroom complex for long-term support, with cordyceps, polyporus, reishi and shiitake. Combined with natural vitamin C from organic acerola powder and B vitamins from extracts of guava, tulsi, lemon peel and amla to support the immune system and mucous membranes.
  1. Cordyceps, Polyporus

    with organic acerola


    90 capsules

    €42.96 / 100g

  2. Cordyceps, Polyporus

    with organic acerola

    €43.51 €45.80

    2x90 capsules

    €81.63 / 100g

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