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Children grow quickly and require a wide-ranging supply of nutrients to cover their bodies' needs. Within the first year of life, the basis for the nervous system, brain, bones, teeth and many other parts of the body is being built. Optimal nutrition can support this process.


Vitamin D plays an important role in the development of bones and the immune system. We offer special combinations of vegan and vegetarian vitamins D3 and K2 MK7 all-trans for babies and children. For children aged 6 and above, in doses of 1,000 IU vitamin D3.


Vegetarian children often require additional vitamin B12 to meet daily requirements. We offer low-dose vitamin B12 with 10µg per capsule in easily openable capsules so that the supplement powder can be mixed directly into food. With natural B12 forms in our MH3A® formula.
  1. Children's Formula

    vegan, no additives


    120 capsules

    €341.38 / 1kg


A proper supply of nutrients is crucial for children. While iron supports normal cognitive function and development in children, vitamin C and zinc promote normal immune system function and protect cells from oxidative stress. Our iron gummies are suitable from the age of 1 year, vitamin C + zinc gummies from the age of 10 years and vitamin C lemon gummies from the age of 13 years.
  1. Lemon

    40mg vitamin C


    €75.00 / 1kg

  2. Apple + Banana

    30mg vitamin C + 1mg zinc


    €67.42 / 1kg

  3. Blackcurrant

    2mg iron


    €66.00 / 1kg