OPC 2000
Di-Tetra Forte

200mg di to tetramers

Highly bioactive OPC with the highest di- to tetramer- and di- to pentamer-content available worldwide. One capsule corresponds to 2000mg OPC from grape seed extract. New, triple patented, ultra pure premium-OPC extracted from unripe apples using water and edible ethanol (free from chemical residues such as methanol and ethyl acetate). 100% plant-based effective complex with high OPC, catechin, and chlorogenic acid content, guaranteed by HPLC testing at TU Braunschweig.Tested in more than 30 clinical studies. 2x 90 capsules
  • Premium OPC extract from unripe apples
  • Highly bioactive: each capsule contains the equivalent of 2,000mg OPC derived from grape seed extract
  • Per capsule 327mg OPC, of which 200mg OPC di- to tetramers
  • Novel, 3-patented premium extract from a natural source
  • Highest content of di- to tetramers available worldwide (50%)
  • 56% di- to pentamers (the most bioactive OPC compounds)
  • Tested in more than 30 studies
  • OPC content guaranteed by HPLC testing at TU Braunschweig (the highest standards)
  • Natural extract made using only water and edible ethanol
  • 100% free from chemical residues such as methanol, ethyl acetate, acetone, and n-hexane
  • Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO
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Premium Bioactive Ingredients

  • New, triple patented premium OPC extract from unripe apples
  • Highest content of di- to tetramers available worldwide! (50%.  HPLC-Method-tested)
  • Each capsule contains the equivalent of 2,000mg OPC derived from grape seed extract
  • 56% di- to pentamers (the most bioactive OPC compounds)
  • Total OPC (without monomers): 81%
  • Total proanthocyanidins: 93%
  • High catechin content 10%+ (C and EC)
  • High chlorogenic acid content 8%+
  • Unique active complex of phenols from apples (phenolic acid, flavonoids, flavonols, and anthocyanins)
  • Tested in more than 30 studies

How are we different?

The quality of different OPC products on the market varies greatly because OPC values vary according to the method of measurement. Common laboratory tests such as the DMAC or vanillin test can also yield misleading or inflated OPC values of up to 400% of the actual OPC content, whereas the HPLC method shows far more accurate results.

Particularly important for the value of OPC is the content of so-called di- to tetrameric proanthocyanidins. Standard extracts often only achieve a content of 10-20% here. Our OPC 2000 Di- to Tetra Forte from the premium extract of unripe apples shows an extraordinarily high content of these particularly active di- to tetramers of OPC (HPLC method) at 50%. Moreover, the extract also has a unique profile of valuable apple phenols: phenolic acids, flavonoids, flavonols and anthocyanins, which form a synergy as a total complex. In addition to the OPC, the catechins (EC and C), the chalcones and the chlorogenic acid are particularly noteworthy.

Unlike many other OPC supplements, our product is derived using water and edible ethanol without any other chemical solvents. The resulting ultra pure extract is completely natural and has no residues from chemical solvents such as n-hexane, methanol, or acetone. All of our products are guaranteed free from additives such as maltodextrin and peanut powder, which are often mixed into OPC but not required to be disclosed on the label. 

For the capsule shells we use custom-made HPMC capsules that, unlike most other HPMC and pullulan capsules on the market, are 100% free from controversial additives such as carrageenans and PEG. We then package this product in environmentally friendly amber glass.




  • Premium active ingredients in their purest form
  • Sourced directly from the world’s best producers
  • Our select raw materials are the basis of all our formulations
  • Complete avoidance of all unnecessary additives and adjuvants
  • Exclusive use of valuable natural ingredients for additives
  • We voluntarily declare all ingredients
  • All extractions performed without the use of chemical solvents
  • Custom production when necessary, in order to achieve the highest possible level of purity
  • Independent laboratory testing available on product pages
  • Raw materials sourced only from premium suppliers who are committed to fair working conditions
  • Amber glass and compostable pouches used for packaging
  • Vegan capsule shells, free from PEG and carrageenans
  • Packaged in the EU according to HACCP, GMP and ISO 22000:2018 standards
  • Stored in non-toxic containers
  • Shipped in mineral oil-free boxes
  • All products guaranteed 100% free from magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, nanoparticles (no legal opportunism), genetic engineering, artificial colours and flavours, titanium dioxide and added sugar & sweeteners


OPCs (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins) named also as vitamin P, are a group of substances belonging to the flavonols, which consist of polymers of catechins and epicatechins. Proanthocyanidins are present in a whole range of fruits and plants, including the seeds and skins of grapes, in berries and citrus fruits, but also in the protective bark layer of trees.

The various proanthocynidins are categorised by their number of units (e.g. monomer for one unit, dimer for two). The exact definition of OPC is unclear and may include only di- to tetramers, di- to pentamers, di- to hexamers, or even all proanthocyanidins except monomers.

For a long time, only the dimers, i.e. consisting of two, and the trimers, consisting of three units, were considered to be bioactive. However, this has since been disproven, allowing a complex interaction of all components of the grape seed extract (including the polymeric proanthicyanidins such as hexamers and heptamers) to be used. OPC compounds are contained in large quantities, especially in pine bark and grape seeds, in which the individual proanthocyanidins differ from each other both in form and in their effect. There is also a notable amount of vital proanthocyanidin-B3-3'-O-gallate in grape seed extract.


Recommended Dose

Take 1 capsule (327mg OPC)daily with 200ml water at mealtimes

Food Supplement

Do not exceed the recommended dose. Nutritional supplements cannot replace a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Ingredients: Apple Extract (Apple Extract, Antioxidant: Sulphur Dioxide)
Capsule shells: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose.
Contains: 90 capsules

Contains allergens: Sulphur Dioxide

Ingredients per Daily Dose (1 Capsule) % NRV*
Apple Extract  399mg -** 
Proanthocyanidins  376mg -**
of which OPC (without monomers) 327mg -**
Di- to pentamers 224mg -**
Di- to tetramers 200mg -**

* Nutrient Reference Value
** no reference available

Per capsule: 327mg OPC
In total: 29.4g OPC / jar

Product Details

German Pharmaceutical Number (PZN): 15997140
Origin: OPC from unripe apples; water/edible ethanol extraction process

In-house production in Europe, bottling and encapsulation in the EU according to HACCP, GMP / ISO 22000:2018 standards
Finished products packaged in amber glass jars, and stored in non-toxic containers
Shipping in mineral oil-free boxes

Capsules: Plant-based cellulose (HPMC). Vegan
Premium HPMC quality: Free from controversial additives such as carrageenans and PEG
Packaging: Amber glass jar to protect against light and oxidation (free from plasticisers and BPA)
To Reuse: Remove product label by soaking the jar in warm water for 5 minutes. Glue residue can be removed with dish soap.

Laboratory Tests

The purity of our formulas is important to us. This is why we have both our raw ingredients as well as our finished products extensively tested by independent laboratories to confirm purity and active ingredient content. Here, we have provided the results of some of the tests carried out on this product.

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Our Philosophy

For thousands of years, cultures all over the world have been using medicinal plants and nutritious foods to naturally foster and maintain vitality and good health.

With our products, we try to emulate this ancient wisdom as much as possible.

Consequently, our philosophy is simple: everything we do meets the highest standards of quality and purity; our focus is on organic and natural ingredients.

We follow this philosophy with meticulous care on all levels and down to every last detail.

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