Iodine Deficiency Urine Test

Laboratory test for iodine levels, to determine if there is a deficiency. The costs of shipping to the laboratory and testing are included in the price.

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How to Use

How the iodine test works:

Detection of the iodine concentration in a urine sample. The sample is used to determine the amount of iodine excreted by the body, by measuring the iodine concentration in a urine sample. The lower the concentration, the greater the deficiency. This test is particularly important for pregnant and breastfeeding women, who should have an adequate supply at all times.

Note: Please note that the costs for this test are not always covered by private health insurance. Please check with your insurer beforehand.


Perform the test at home using the test kit. Send the sample to the partner laboratory in the bag provided. The costs of shipping to the laboratory (from within DE) are included in the price.

The result is available after a few days and will be sent automatically. It will also be available online.


The test kit includes:

1 set of instructions
1 activation card for registration with test ID
1 transfer pipette
1 urine collection cup
1 urine tube
1 transport tube
1 mailing bag

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