Vitamin D Home Smartest®

Vitamin D rapid test for the quantitative measurement of 25(OH)-vitamin D levels. Simple and convenient use from home using a fingertip sample. Within minutes, the result can be read via smartphone app. Measuring range 5-100 ng/ml 25(OH)-Vitamin D.

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The Test

How reliable is the test?

Preventis Vitamin D SmarTest® has been calibrated against established laboratory methods. The test provides a reliable evaluation of the vitamin D content of a blood sample.

How does Preventis Vitamin D SmarTest® work?

This test can be performed easily and conveniently at home and requires 20 minutes of time and a smartphone that supports the aforementioned app (see list image gallery). The app guides the user safely and intuitively through the entire testing process. A small blood sample is taken from the fingertip and applied to the test cassette. Within a few minutes, the test cassette is scanned using the smartphone camera and the SmarTest® Vitamin D app calculates the vitamin D concentration. The result is then immediately displayed on the screen.

What are the advantages of using the Preventis Vitamin D SmarTest®?

  • Results are available within minutes
  • Easy to carry out at home
  • Almost painless fingertip blood collection
  • No need to send the sample to the laboratory
  • Result available on smartphone
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How to Use

When should a vitamin D test be carried out?

Vitamin D plays an important role in metabolic processes, especially in bone formation.  It is one of the few vitamins that is not absorbed directly from food, but rather produced by skin cells from sunlight.

Unfortunately, due to limited time spent outdoors, the use of sunscreen and a lack of sunlight in winter, many people are deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D levels should be checked regularly, not only during the low-light winter months or when eating a predominantly plant-based diet. When taking vitamin D supplements, it is useful to check vitamin D levels regularly in order to ascertain their effectiveness.

Test Principles

The test kit consists of a rapid immunological test that detects 25(OH)-vitamin D using specific antibodies, as well as a smartphone app that quantitatively evaluates the results based on the colour intensity of the control and test bands. It displays and stores the test result after scanning.

The test has a measurement range of 5-100 ng/ml of 25(OH)-vitamin D, which accounts for approximately 95% of total vitamin D in the body, and is therefore used as a marker for vitamin D supply. The smartphone app provides a step-by-step guide through the approximately 20-minute test process from preparation to result.

Is the Preventis Vitamin D App supported by my smartphone?

Please note that the app should work on any smartphone, regardless of the model.

As this vitamin D test is medically certified, we are obliged to ensure that the results can be accessed and processed using any smartphone, so that there are no variations of results between models.

In order to achieve this, every smartphone model must be tested and proven to run the app effectively. Updates are made to the app every few weeks in order to keep up with smartphone releases.

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