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Rutin is a secondary phytochemical from the flavonoid group. Red vine leaves, rue, parsley and the Japanese pagoda tree are naturally rich in rutin.


Pure plant extract from Sophora japonica (Japanese string tree) with 500mg rutin per capsule, 100% natural. Made from highly pure extraction process, without additives and vegan.
  1. Ultra Pure Extract

    naturally sourced


    120 capsules

    €171.77 / 1kg

  2. Water Extraction Method

    naturally sourced

    €24.51 €25.80

    €163.18 / 1kg

Rutin & Luteolin

Bioflavonoids rutin and luteolin in a balanced ratio of 1:1, each with 50mg per capsule. Ultra pure extracts from the fruit buds of the Japanese cord tree, without additives and vegan.
  1. 50mg Capsules


    90 capsules

    €671.17 / 1kg

  2. Bundle

    Sophora japonica

    €28.31 €29.80

    2x90 capsules

    €637.61 / 1kg

Rutin & Vitamin C

Rutin in Vitamin C Ultra Bioflavonoids as antioxidant cell protection with synergistic effect. Multispectrum vitamin C complex for optimal synergy and saving effect. From six natural sources of vitamin C: acerola, amla, camu camu, rosehip, Vitamin C Ultra and Vitamin C plus Berry Polyphenols. Embedded in a rich matrix of citrus bioflavonoids, quercetin, rutin and an OPC complex.
  1. From 5 Sources + Flavonoids

    plus OPC, quercetin, rutin & more


    100 capsules

    €173.87 / 1kg

  2. Bundle

    plus OPC, quercetin, rutin & more

    €32.11 €33.80

    200 capsules

    €173.19 / 1kg

Rutin in Sunday Essentials

All water-soluble vitamins (C and Bs) in combination with bioactive vital substances, powerful antioxidants, premium algae powders, medicinal mushroom extracts, and selected superfoods. Expertly crafted from high-quality ingredients from all over the world. Also available as a high-dose Forte supplement.
  1. Astaxanthin, OPC, Vit C, ...

    Essentials Plus


    60 capsules

    €503.03 / 1kg

  2. Bundle

    Essentials Plus

    €47.31 €49.80

    €482.76 / 1kg