Wild Bayleaf Oil

Wildcrafted, certified organic bay leaf (Laurus nobilis) essential oil. 100% natural oil, sourced from hand-collected plants, grown in a pristine rural area located in the Balkans. Gently produced distillate obtained from fresh twigs and leaves. 5ml


Scientific name Laurus nobilis
Purity 100% natural essential oil
Organic Certified organic cultivation since 2005
Harvest Collected by hand from the wild between August and October
Processing Gentle distillation of fresh twigs and leaves
Terroir The Balkans
Origin Sourced directly from a producer specialising in wild collection, located in France
Aroma Very aromatic, fresh, tart to subtly sweet, fruity-herbaceous
Effects Vitalising, strengthening, uplifting, exhilarating, confidence-building
Allergens Linalool, limonene, eugenol

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€2,780.00 / 1l
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Finest Origin - Highest Grade

In the vast nature of the Balkans, many wild plants and spices grow, including the bay laurel. There, the harsh climatic conditions, with sometimes cold temperatures, hot sunny days and mineral soils provide optimal growing conditions for these robust plants to thrive. They are able to develop their aromas, including 1,8-cineole, terpenyl acetate, sabinene and alpha-pinene in a harmonious ratio. From August to October, the leaves are gently harvested by farmers who specialise in hand harvesting and wildcrafting. They are then processed into essential oil in a small distillery via steam distillation.


The manufacturer of this essential oil is a family-run company based in France, which was founded around 1990. It specialises in the certified organic cultivation of indigenous aromatic plants, and has global cooperatives. The aromas of the plants, obtained either via steam distillation or cold pressing, is highly regarded in the perfume industry. The many years of experience in organic cultivation as well as a passion for production are reflected in the harmoniously balanced essential oils. Their products are certified with the EU organic seal.

Bay Laurel

The bay laurel grows either conically as a tree or as a large shrub, with aromatically fragrant, dark green glossy leaves. It belongs to the laurel family (Lauraceae). In spring, it produces yellowish green flowers and later the black fruits ripen on the female plants. It is found in shady, damp forests in the Mediterranean region. The leaves are a very popular ingredient for cooking.



The fresh aroma conveys feelings of serenity, confidence and strength. The fragrance promotes self-confidence.

Product Details


100% Natural Essential Oil of Laurus nobilis.


- Intended for use as room fragrance
- Do not use undiluted
- Keep out of reach of children
- Those currently under medical treatment as well as those who have allergies or are epileptic, pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before use
- Avoid contact with eyes, skin and mucosa


Amber glass bottle to protect against light and oxidation (free from plasticisers and BPA).


5ml of essential oil in a 10ml bottle.

Organic Certification

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