Oregano Oil
600m Organic

Cosmetic certified oregano essential oil (Origanum vulgaris) is 100% naturally pure, is grown in a controlled organic way at 600m altitude in the southeastern region of Murcia, Spain. Direct distillation of the fresh herb from our essential oil manufacturer, 5ml
Scientific Name Origanum vulgare
Purity 100% natural, essential oil
INCI Origanum vulgare leaf oil*
Organic Certification Certified organic cultivation since 2018
Harvest June to July
Processing Gentle steam distillation, fresh herbs
Terroir Murcia, Spain
Origin Directly sourced from a small cooperative with an on-site distillery
Elevation 600m
Aroma very aromatic, spicy-tart, herbaceous-sweet, dry
Effects vitalizing, clarifying, stimulating, cleansing
Allegerns Linalool, limonene

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€15.80 / 10ml
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€15.80 / 10ml
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Finest Origin - Highest Grade

This oregano is grown organically in the sunny countryside in the north of the region of Murcia, Spain at an altitude of 600 meters. The soils, as well as the Mediterranean temperatures and external influences, such as winds, sun and rain, are responsible for the growth and formation of valuable ingredients and aromas in the Orgeno. The essential oil contains carvacrol, para-cymene, gamme-terpinene and thymol, among others.
The flowering herb is harvested from June to July and gently distilled with steam in our own distillery. The many years of experience and passion in harvesting and processing are reflected in the special aromas of the essential oil.


Our Spanish essential oil producer has been working with aromatic plants since 1996, which led to the creation of the small family business in 2004. The expertise of the company lies on the one hand in the production of essential oils from domestic plants on the other hand it obtains other oils from cooperatives worldwide. The quality and origin of the oils are therefore very well researched and documented. The native oils are either from their own controlled organic cultivation or from wild collection in the region of Andalusia. The manufacturer produces the essential oils with steam in its own distillery, in addition, its products are certified organic since 2004.


Oregano, also known as wild marjoram, belongs to the mint (Lamiaceae) family, and is mostly found in the eastern Mediterranean region. It grows as a perennial and can reach a height of 40cm. In summer, it forms numerous purple-pink flowers. The oregano leaves are used both fresh and dried as a cooking spice and in aromatherapy to vitalise the body and mind.


The intense spicy-herbal aroma invigorates and refreshes body and mind. The strong, aromatic bouquet tones and stimulates in case of mental exhaustion.

Product Details


100% Natural Essential Oil of Origanum vulgare


- Cosmetic
- Do not use undiluted
- Keep out of the reach of children
- Those currently under medical treatment as well as those who have allergies or are epileptic, pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before use
- Avoid contact with eyes, skin and mucosa


Amber glass bottle to protect against light and oxidation (free from plasticisers and BPA)


5ml of essential oil in a 10ml bottle

Cosmetic certification

COSMOS ORGANIC certified according to COSMOS standard by Ecocert Greenlife. Standard available at https://COSMOS.ecocert.com

* from certified organic cultivation

100% of ingredients are sourced from certified organic cultivation

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