Incense Tea


Original Japanese Chakoro: handmade incense burner made of natural clay especially for incense for tea and other delicate incense, 9 x 10cm, 275g, green.


  • Special incense burner for tea (chakoro 茶香炉), but also for all other sensitive incense that should not be smoked at high temperatures
  • Ceramic pan ensures gentle glowing of the sensitive tea and prevents burning as with metal screens
  • Thus optimal development of the fragrance, without burnt aromas and without smoke and soot formation
  • The ceramic pan is also suitable for filling with a little water and a few drops of essential oil
  • Handmade in small pottery in Japan, fired at 1,000°C
  • With practical handle on the holder of the tealight pan
  • With beautiful wooden coaster


  • Color: black
  • Clay: natural clay, Japan
  • Dimensions: 9 x 10cm
  • Weight: approx. 275g
  • Delivery in gift box, without tea light

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Product Details

Clay Burner

Especially for ground incense blends, tea, flowers, resins and herbs, it is important to ensure a gentle smoldering. Unlike conventional European teapots, this original Japanese tea incense burner is equipped with an incense pan made of clay, which, sprinkled with a little sand, ensures a gentle and optimal even heat distribution and prevents charring of the incense.

The difference in purity and effect of the resulting fragrance in the room is amazing. Be it in therapeutic work or for the well-being at home! We recommend this teapot warmer because of its craftsmanship, its aesthetic appeal but also and especially because of its superior function for all gentle incense applications.

The burner is made in a small pottery in Japan and fired at about 1,000 degrees.

Supplied with a matching, attractive wooden coaster. The included practical holder for the tea light solves by means of the small handle the widespread problems of tipping, leaking wax and extinguishing the flame when changing the candle.

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