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Eyesight & Hearing

Eyes and ears are vital sensory organs closely intertwined, as auditory stimuli are usually interpreted alongside visual input.


As a sensory organ, the eye's role is to detect light, which enables us to see. The integrity of the retina is therefore crucial, as it contains light-sensitive cell, cones and rods, along with the optic nerve pathways. Intact, well functioning retinas ensure that signals reliably reach the brain's visual center, where they are translated into visual perceptions.
  1. Pharmaceutical Grade



    90 capsules

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  2. in Capsules

    bioactive, vegan


    120 capsules

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  3. 10mg Zinc

    from sprouted buckwheat


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    Phyto Harmony



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The ear is made up of the outer, middle and inner ear and the auditory nerve, which is responsible for processing sound waves and converting them into acoustic perception via the brain, presenting to us as sound.
  1. Vegan, Organic

    from plant-based fermentation


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    Norwegian kelp


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    20+ forms of selenium


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