Marjoram oil organic

The special essential oil of marjoram (Origanum majorana) is 100% natural, comes from organically certified cultivation in the desert nature in Egypt, direct and local distillation of the freshly harvested plant with gentle steam, 10ml
Scientific Name Origanum majorana
Purity 100% natural, essential oil
Organic Certification Controlled organic cultivation since 2001
Harvest April to May
Processing Gentle steam distillation, fresh herbs
Terroir Egypt
Origin Directly sourced from the farm, with an on-site distillery
Aroma aromatic, fresh, spicy, herbal, slightly sweet
Effects relaxing, calming, invigorating, balancing, grounding, digestive, relieving cramps
Allergens Linalool, limonene, geraniol

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This marjoram grows in the vast desert nature of Egypt. Originally from Greece or Central Europe, marjoram also finds its optimal growing conditions here. On the one hand, there are extreme temperature fluctuations, cold nights and hot days, as well as winds. This results in a special formation of ingredients and aromas such as gamma-terpinene and geraniol in marjoram. After harvesting the flowering plant follows the gentle steam distillation on site.


We source this essential oil from a renowned and certified producer located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France. The company was founded in the early 20th century and today owns several essential oil crop farms worldwide, where the plants' origin and quality are well monitored. Production on these farms is passionate and adheres to the strict quality standards set by the French organic certification body EcoCert. After harvesting, the plants are either cold pressed or gently steam distilled in a stainless steel tank to release their essential oils.


Marjoram, which is a type of oregano, belongs to the labiates family (Lamiaceae) and originally comes from Central Europe and Greece. Today it is also cultivated in northern Africa, such as Egypt. It grows as an erect evergreen half-shrub with branched shoots and soft-haired, gray-green leaves. It produces panicles of white or pink flowers from early to late summer. It is very popular as a culinary herb and originates from south-western Europe.


The pleasantly warm scent of marjoram is wonderfully grounding, energising and at the same time relaxing and calming. This creates the best conditions for a feeling of inner balance and confidence. Helpful for nervous tensions and lack of sleep.

Product Details


Ingredients: 100% Natural Essential Oil of Origanum majorana


- Intended for use as room fragrance
- Do not use undiluted
- Keep out of reach of children
- Those currently under medical treatment as well as those who have allergies or are epileptic, pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before use
- Avoid contact with eyes, skin and mucosa


Amber glass bottle to protect against light and oxidation (free from plasticisers and BPA)


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