Tea Tree Oil

Our premium lemon-scented tea tree oil is distilled from Leptospermum petersonii grown in the vast countryside of North Eastern New South Wales, Australia. The plant's twigs and leaves are carefully harvested by hand and gently steam distilled on a family farm specialising in indigenous plants. 5ml
Scientific Name Leptospermum petersonii
Purity 100% natural essential oil
Organic Certification Naturally cultivated without organic certification
Harvest Twigs and leaves harvested by hand between April and June
Processing Gentle steam distillation, fresh leaves and twigs
Terroir New South Wales, Australia
Origin Sourced directly from a farm specialising in indigenous plants, distilled on site
Aroma Very aromatic, with a citrusy freshness and a hint of spice, hints of verbena and lime
Effects Refreshing, invigorating, mood-lifting, cleansing
Allergens Citronellol, geraniol, limonene

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This pure essential oil is obtained from lemon-scented tea trees growing along the rural coastline of their native region of New South Wales, Australia. The subtropical climate provides ideal conditions for the plant's natural aromas to develop, creating a harmonious blend of citronellal, neral and geranial notes. The twigs and leaves of the lemon-scented tea trees are harvested by hand between autumn and early winter, then gently steamed in a local distillery to produce the aromatic essential oil.


The manufacturer of this special essential oil has been working with indigenous Australian plants for over 30 years. Since the early 1990s he has been committed to landscape conservation and the sustainable and prudent use of native plants, and since 2012, he has been selling exclusively indigenous essential oils and hydrosols from both his own production and from that of his collaborators throughout Australia. The indigenous plants used in the production of his essential oils and hydrosols are either wildcrafted or sustainably cultivated.

Lemon-scented tea tree

The lemon-scented tea tree (Leptospermum petersonii) is a member of the myrtle family (Myrtaceae). The evergreen plant is native to northeastern Australia, where it thrives in the region's sandy soils and steep, rocky slopes as well as on the outskirts of its humid eucalyptus forests and rainforests. Although technically classed as a shrub, the lemon-scented tea tree can reach heights of up to 5 metres. Its narrow leaves taper to a sharp point and emit a strong lemony scent. In December and January, during the height of summer in the southern hemisphere, the tree blooms with single white flowers, each one with a diameter of just 10–15mm.


The fresh citrus aroma is invigorating and refreshing, providing an upbeat start to your day. The fragrance clarifies and focuses your thoughts, promoting concentration.

Product Details


100% Natural Essential Oil of Leptospermum petersonii.

Directions for Use

- Intended for use as room fragrance
- Do not use undiluted
- Keep out of reach of children
- Those currently under medical treatment as well as those who have allergies or are epileptic, pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before use
- Avoid contact with eyes, skin and mucous membranes


Amber glass bottle to protect against light and oxidation (free from plasticisers and BPA)


5ml of essential oil in a 10ml bottle

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