Organic Earl Grey

Super Premium 95 P.

Organic Earl Grey Yunnan Moonlight made with 100% organic bergamot essential oil. Oxidised for more aroma. White tea organically cultivated in Yunnan at 1,500m elevation. Hand-harvested. 50g
  • Famous moonlight tea from its origin of Pu Erh
  • 100% organic bergamot essential oil from Calabria, Italy
  • Organic cultivation, certified since 2011, pesticide-free since farm's founding in 1998
  • 1,500m elevation
  • Hand-harvested
  • Large-leafed, autochthonous cultivar
  • Special withering process with strong oxidation (5-8%)
Character Fresh bergamot balanced with light plum and vanilla notes with hints of tart fruit, aromatic
Tea Garden A leading organic tea farm in the Wuliang Mountains in Pu Erh
Terroir Pu Erh, Yunnan, China
Harvest Autumn harvest 2022, August to September, hand-harvested young buds
Cultivar XueYa No.100 (雪芽百號)
Elevation 1,800m above sea level
Oxidation/Fermentation Air-drying at night and withering for 2 days and nights on bamboo baskets. Higher grade of oxidation (5-8%)
Drying Oven drying at 60°C
Organic Cert. EU certified organic, CERES, JAS organic since 2011, pesticide-free cultivation since 1998
Grade 95/100 p. (white tea category); Super Premium

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Tea Farm

The tea farm is located in the area above the city of Pu Erh, where a community of Dai people live. The farm received all major international organic certifications in 2011; tea cultivation has been pesticide-free and organic since the farm's founding in 1998.


Yunnan Moonlight Tea is known to be reminiscent of Pu Erh on account of its cultivation in the same region. The specialised withering process that results in a similarly high degree of oxidation likely also plays a role in these teas' similarity.

White Tea

White tea is typically obtained from special cultivars and is the least processed tea (Camellia sinensis), with the lowest degree of oxidation. Due to the minimal yet highly demanding production process of pre-drying and withering in the air, it has a very high content of natural tea compounds. Markers of quality in high-grade white tea include a high proportion of aromatic leaf buds and a bright cup. White teas can impress with their elegant flavours that are typically delicately sweet with nuances of vanilla and a smooth texture.

Cultivation & Processing

The highlands of Yunnan have a mild, subtropical climate up to a high elevation. The highland slopes are mostly southern-facing, and are therefore more heavily influenced by the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

This tea is grown at an elevation of 1,500m in the Wuliang Mountains above the city of Pu Erh, far removed from industry. Rather than any major motorways, it is the historical Tea Horse Road that cuts through the tea fields. Traditionally, various large leafed cultivars are grown in Yunnan that in some cases stem from very old tea plants.

Only the best young buds are selected for this tea, of which just a few kilos are produced each year. According to a secret method, the buds are withered at night and then allowed to sun-dry indoors.

Organic Certification


Brewing Guide

2-3g per 100-300ml (85°C) water. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Suitable for several infusions.


High quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch with 9 protective layers to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination.

Recommended Teapot

For an especially aromatic and traditional-tasting Earl Grey, we recommend an elegant glass teapot from Hario or, alternatively, a classic porcelain teapot.

Recommended Storage

Ideally store in a quality tea caddy made from cherry tree bark (wooden, kabazaiku chazutsu) or an airtight, double-coated metal tin.

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