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Super Premium 96 P.

Cistus incanus (rock rose) tea. Special variant from Chalkidiki, cultivated on Mt. Othrys (Titan Mountain) in Greece. Pesticide-free cultivation at 700m elevation. Leaves and desirable stems. Gently dried in the mountain air. 100g
Details Cistus Variant from Chalkidiki
Top terroir on Mt. Othrys, the mountain of the titans in Greek mythology. High elevation mountain herb quality. Includes leaves and desirable stems (for polyphenol content). Hand-picked.
Traditional business for over 50 years.
Character Fruity, sour, balanced and strong, with a pleasant citrus aroma.
Ingredients 100% Cistus Blossoms, Leaves, and Stems.
Tea Farm Specialist team farm for mountain tea for over 50 years
Origin Mt. Othrys, Greece
Harvest 2021
Cultivar Cistus incanus, variant of Chalkidiki
Drying Gently dried for 5-7 days in the mountain air
Altitude 400-700m above sea level
Organic Pesticide-free cultivation
Package 100% biodegradable and compostable (starch, cellulose, paper).
Quality 96/100 p. (herbal tea category), Super Premium

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The Cistus incanus is a member of the rock rose family. The plant is predominantly found in southern Europe, where there is copious sunlight. This plant is considered one of the most polyphenol-rich in the world. The cistus can grow up to 1 metre tall and prefers chalky soil and silicate rocks. The plant folds its leaves in during the hot summer months when waiting for rain. The cistus blooms in the spring, bearing delicate pink flowers.

Region and Processing


This tea is harvested from the mountain meadows on the sun-bathed, eastern slope of Mt. Othrys. The rock rose grows here under ideal conditions, where pesticide-free cultivation is kept as natural as possible. Irrigation allows for the quality of the aroma and richness of the tea to unfold. This family-owned business has specialised in herbal and mountain tea for over 50 years.



1-2 heaped tsp tea per 200-300ml boiling water. Steep for 3-5 minutes.


High quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination.


The ideal teapot for herbal tea is a large glass or porcelain teapot with a strainer.


Ideally store in an airtight, double-coated metal tin.

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