Yunnan Pai Mu Tan
Earl Grey

Imperial Grade 98 P.

Organic White Earl Grey Tea of the highest quality. Fragranced with 100% natural, organic bergamot oil. The tea contains a large proportion of aromatic leaf buds. An exquisite Earl Grey experience with delicate notes of butter and vanilla, 70g
  • Exquisite interpretation of Earl Grey with a premium and organic white tea
  • Only 100% natural bergamot essential oil from Calabria, Italy
  • Freshly harvested organic highland white tea with a high proportion of aromatic leaf buds
  • Highly aromatic tea, finely balanced taste
Character Fresh bergamot balanced with creamy notes of butter and vanilla
Tea Farm Collective of small, regional tea farmers. Certified organic since 2014.
Terroir Yunnan, China
Harvest 1st harvest (Ming Qian), April, hand-harvested
Cultivar Da Bai Hao
Elevation 1,800m above sea level
Withering / Oxidation Indoor air-drying and withering for 2-3 days on bamboo baskets at room temperature
Preparation Oven drying at 60°C
Organic EU certified organic since 2014
Grading 98/100 p. (white tea category); Imperial Grade

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Tea Farm

We source this fine tea directly from a collective of regional tea farmers. The tea farm attained all major international organic certifications in 2014.



A refreshing new interpretation of Earl Grey which is usually made with black tea. For this variation we selected high-quality highland white tea from Yunnan as well as original Italian bergamot oil. The white tea's exceptionally buttery vanilla and mild fruit notes of peach perfectly pair with the citrus aroma of bergamot oil. The result is a finely composed White Earl Grey of the finest quality.




Bright orange


Location, Cultivation, Processing

The highland of Yunnan has a mild, subtropical climate up to great heights. The climatic conditions of the highland's southern-facing slopes are predominantly influenced by the Indian Ocean and South China Sea.

The tea field is located in a mountainous area at over 1,800m elevation. This high elevation not only slows growth to produce aromatic tea, but also is prohibitive to insects and pests that would otherwise be attracted to the tea plants. As a result, the tea farmers do not need to utilise pesticides. The result is an impressive organic tea with an intense aroma.

Buds and leaves are selected by hand from the treasured 1st harvest. After harvesting, the buds and leaves are withered for up to 3 days due to factors associated with the high elevation. Because the air is very thin, the leaves oxidise slowly and develop an especially delicate flavour profile that is similar to the finest highland teas of Darjeeling.

Organic Certification




2-3g per 100-300ml 75°C water. Steep for 2-3 minutes. Suitable for several infusions.


High quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch with 9 protective layers to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination.

Recommended Teapot

For an especially aromatic and traditional-tasting Earl Grey, we recommend an elegant glass teapot from Hario or, alternatively, a classic porcelain teapot.

Recommended Storage

Ideally store in a quality tea caddy made from cherry tree bark (wooden, kabazaiku chazutsu) or an airtight, double-coated metal tin.

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