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Yoshi En Collection

Our personal collection of rare kyusu. Shown here only for display purposes; not for sale.

Sawada Shôson (澤田昭邨)

Master Sawada Shôson was born in Tokoname in 1937 under the name Shuji Sawada. From 1956, he was taught the art of kyusu making by the famous Master Shuzan Umehara. By 1970, his father Shôson, a renowned sculptor, had bestowed his name upon him. He has taught at the Aichi University of the Arts, among other institutions, and is a member of the Japan Kōgei Association for traditional Japanese art crafts.
  1. 澤田昭邨 Sawada Shôson

  2. 澤田昭邨 Sawada Shôson

  3. 澤田昭邨 Sawada Shôson

  4. 澤田昭邨 Sawada Shôson

  5. 澤田昭邨 Sawada Shôson

  6. 澤田昭邨 Sawada Shôson

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