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The rare and noble yamakai cultivar is highly valued for its distinctive, refreshing bitterness as well as the methylated catechins (EGCG) it contains. Sourced from leading farms in the top Japanese mountain regions of Fukuoka and Shizuoka, where the leaves are able to develop an elegant character. A favourite of many green tea connoisseurs and purists.

Yamakai Senchas from Top Regions in Shizuoka & Fukuoka

Our selection of the highest quality yamakai senchas, from mountain regions in the terroirs of Fukuoka and Shizuoka. The deeply steamed organic Fukamushi Sencha Niikawa has a beautiful roasted sweetness while the noble, pesticide-free Yamakai from the renowned region of Honyama has a light and natural character.
  1. Super Premium 97 P.

    Ukiha, Fukuoka



    €18.90 / 100g

  2. Super Premium 97 P.

    Honyama, Shizuoka



    €19.90 / 100g

Award-Winning Yamakai Senchas from Shizuoka

These yamakai senchas are among the best of the Shizuoka region. We offer a noble Sencha Yamakai from a top organic farmer, Kinezuka, which is unsurpassed in elegance and clarity. We also offer a MAFF Award-winning, hand-picked (Tezumi) Sencha Yokozawa from tea master Yoshiki Kosugi (小杉佳輝) with a particularly fine and multi-layered aroma spectrum and exquisite bitterness.
  1. Contest Grade 98 P.

    Setoya, Fujieda, Shizuoka



    €21.90 / 100g

  2. Contest Grade 99 P.

    Honyama, Shizuoka



    €64.75 / 100g

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