Hada Chajiru

Tsutsu Shape

Original tetsubin by Japanese brand Iwachu. Handmade cast iron kettle for boiling water for tea and coffee, not enamelled. Hada pattern, tsutsu shape. 1.6l


Brand Iwachu, leading Japanese manufacturer of kettles (Tetsubin)
Shape Tsutsu (筒型; cylinder)
Pattern Hada (肌), traditional pattern for high-quality tea kettles
Processing Elaborate manual production, Kamayaki technique
Urushi 漆 (pure natural lacquer) + Cha jiru 茶汁 ("tea juice")
None, the water comes into direct contact with the iron
Laboratory test Iwachu tests all raw materials and is certified free of harmful substances.

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An original piece from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture, Japan


Nanbu tekki (南部鉄器), or Nanbu ironware, were first made in the 17th century, when master craftsmen from Kyoto were invited to Morioka in Iwate Prefecture. Ever since, Nanbu tekki have been considered Japan's finest ironware. The masters' knowledge and techniques are heavily guarded and only passed on from generation to generation.

Kamayaki technique

Cast iron (鋳鉄 chūtetsu), which is normally susceptible to rusting, is baked at 800°C using the special Kamayaki technique. In the process, the iron is specifically oxidised and activated and thus receives a natural rust protection.


The elaborate manual production requires more than 3 weeks. The mould, including pattern, is formed by hand and can only be used for casting about five kettles. Japanese tetsubins are made much thinner and more delicately than Chinese copies. Usually, Chinese cast iron has considerably more manganese and therefore has to be cast thicker. The training for producing high-end Japanese tetsubins takes 15 years and has only been achieved by a handful of masters in Japan.

Outside coating

Coated only with urushi (漆), a purely natural lacquer obtained from the sap of the Japanese lacquer tree, and cha jiru (茶汁, "tea juice") for the noble golden-brown colouring. After heating the tetsubin to 250℃, the natural mixture is applied to the surface with a special brush (kugo-hake くご刷毛).

Inside coating

No coating, the water comes into direct contact with the activated cast iron and can thus react chemically or be improved. If tea is steeped in the Tetsubin, the water may turn dark due to the reaction with the catechins. This is described by Iwachu as normal and harmless. The Tetsubin should be emptied completely after each use and dried relatively quickly (dry as hot as possible), otherwise rust can form despite the activated cast iron.

Important to us

Special features of this genuine Iwachu Tetsubin

  • Improves the taste of tea and coffee thanks to the uncoated iron
  • Natural rust protection through Kamayaki technique (activated iron)
  • Special cylinder shape and nice medium volume (1.6l)
  • Can be used specifically to enrich the water with bioavailable iron (during prolonged cooking)
  • Can be used on electric stovetops as well as over small, gas-powered flames, but not suitable for use with induction stovetops
  • Traditional Hada pattern and Tsutsu shape, purely natural materials, no dye, tested for harmful substances
  • Valuable, handmade masterpiece from the market leader Iwachu


Original tetsubins from Iwachu are only produced in limited quantities. If this product is not available at the moment, we recommend that you pre-order the desired model from us by email (service@sunday.de).



Tetsubins, which are traditionally used to boil water for tea, are not coated on the inside, and are instead sealed in some places with natural urushi lacquer. This allows for the water contained to come into direct contact with the high-quality Japanese cast iron, enriching it with iron ions and improving its taste. Tetsubins are considered precious, masterfully made collectibles for premium tea preparation.


Suitable for electric stoves as well as for gas stoves with a low flame. Not suitable for induction stoves (because the base diameter is too small) and not suitable for microwaves.

Product Details



Fill at least halfway to the top, but do not fill beyond ⅔ of the total volume, approx. 0.8l-1.1l


20 x 25 x 14cm (WHT)

Base diameter

Approx. 9cm




High-quality gift box from Iwachu

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