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Tea on the Go

From high quality teabags and Thermos flasks to travel-friendly accessories for outdoor tea ceremonies – find everything you need to enjoy tea on the go!

Thermos Flasks

These stylish stainless steel Kinto Travel Tumblers will keep your tea hot in the Winter and cool in the Summer. The vacuum-insulated, double wall design is topped with a smart 360° sipping lid, which can also double as an integrated strainer to contain tea leaves or ice cubes when drinking or pouring.

Mizudashi Ice Tea Flasks

Keep picnics fresh with some cold brew or iced tea in these specialised Borosilicate glass flasks complete with inbuilt filter.

Travel Tea Caddies

Whether travelling across town or traversing continents, these small and portable tea caddies will safely transport your precious tea leaves or matcha.
  1. Cherry Bark

    for 40g Tea


  2. for 50g Tea


  3. Azmaya

    for 65g Tea


  4. Kaikado

    for 20g Tea


    €412.00 / 1pcs

Petr Novak x Raneta Kulakova

Beautiful tea bowls by master ceramicist Petr Novak encased in a protective linen travel bag hand-sewn by Raneta Kulakova. Perfect for outdoor Gongfu and bowl tea ceremonies.
  1. Novak x Kulakova

    2 x 250ml


    1 set

  2. Novak x Kulakova

    5 x 250ml


    1 set

  3. Novak x Kulakova

    5 x 250ml


    1 set

  4. Novak x Kulakova

    5 x 250ml


    1 set

    €16,521.19 / 1kg

  5. Novak x Kulakova

    5 x 250ml


    1 set

Outdoor Gongfu Cha

Enjoy the Chinese tea ceremony out in nature with these compact and lightweight accessories.
  1. Glass


  2. Jingdezhen Porcelain


    €14.20 €15.80

  3. Bamboo

    27 x 14cm


  4. Dehua


  5. Dehua


  6. Jingdezhen



Travel Thermometers

For the precise measurement of temperature during tea preparation at home or while travelling.

Water Filters

For softer water, lime reduction, improved flavour and protection of polyphenols. 100% natural and recyclable as paper; no risk of germination.
  1. Iwachu

    Set of 2


Tea Bags

Practical tea bags for on-the-go use.
  1. Super Premium 95 P.

    Tokunoshima, Kagoshima



    €165.00 / 1kg

  2. Premium 92 P.

    Kirishima, Kagoshima



    €181.67 / 1kg

  3. Sencha/Mizudashi 94/98 P.

    Chiran, Kagoshima



    €231.67 / 1kg

  4. Super Premium 96 P.

    Shibushi, Kagoshima



    €398.67 / 1kg

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