Carafe "Mrs Kroeger"
Transparent 1,0 L
Studio C. Metzner

Noble, heat-resistant carafe for design lovers in an attractive transparent look. Handmade by the creative design label Christian Metzner. Clear lines and imaginative details meet an innovative, practical design. Filling quantity: 1 litre.
  • Beautiful collector's item handmade from heat-resistant borosilicate glass
  • The transparent look brings out the beautiful colour of the tea
  • Functional, user-friendly design thanks to three hand-pulled pouring spouts
  • Carafe for hot tea, coldbrew or water
  • Young, innovative design label from Berlin

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The young design label, founded in 2006 in Berlin & Brandenburg, is characterised by a timeless, clear design, whose formal severity is repeatedly broken with relish. Through discreet, imaginative details and an unusual choice of materials for the handmade products, the Brandenburg designer plays with the ambiguity of his concept of home with a wink.


We are big fans of the design of this carafe and love to use it as a practical serving jug. It is ideal for serving cold brew/Mizudashi at the table (for the preparation of cold brew we recommend one of our special Mizudashi pots).
As the carafe is also extremely heat-resistant thanks to its borosilicate glass, it is also ideal for serving and pouring hot, freshly prepared tea. And if it's not tea you're after, it's also happy to lend its beautifully shaped contours to pure, clear water.


For cleaning, we recommend a soft cloth and clear water. The carafe can also be put in the dishwasher without troubles.

Product Details

Originally designed for the British tea ceremony, this glass carafe doesn't just want to be filled with milk and sugar.

Hot, cold, solid or liquid can be poured or sprinkled through one of the three spouts. Turning when picking up the carafe is no longer necessary due to the all-round arrangement and one of the three spouts can be used immediately for pouring.

Made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the snouts are pulled out of the material by hand and thus retain a visible handcrafted character that contrasts with the technical form of a chemical glass.

High-quality borosilicate glass. A technical glass that is characterised by high temperature resistance and strength. Hot and cold liquids are therefore always in good hands in this glass product.

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