Stainless Steel Strainer 12.5cm

Fine mesh, stainless steel strainer.

This high-quality strainer is made by a small family business located in northern Germany, and ensures that even the finest incense does not fall through the mesh.


This strainer can be used for burning natural incense using an incense burner. This product is high-quality and resistant to wear and tear, even with frequent use. The strainer can also replace the bowl in an incense burner, if the diameter fits.

The distance between the tealight and the strainer can be adjusted as desired. It is best to add the incense gradually. This is especially the case for resins. It is also advisable to burn resins in combination with woods or herbs, as the height of the flame may vary throughout the course of burning and certain resins may become thin and drip through if burned alone.

To avoid this, a fine layer of silica sand can also be sprinkled on the bottom of the strainer when using resins. Alternatively, a piece of aluminum foil can be placed on the strainer and incense placed on top.


Resins are burned directly over a flame (from both sides), then brushed off. The soot can also be washed off from time to time with soapy water. The quality of the classic stainless steel strainer allows for this to be done easily.

Basic usage:

Always be careful with fire. The quality of tealights varies, which makes it difficult to assess the temperature and size of flames. Beeswax and stearin tealights burn at a particularly high temperature; stay away from the flame. Remove aluminum sleeve, then place incense burner on a fireproof base and never leave burning unattended. We accept no liability for damage resulting from improper use.


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