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Shincha 2022

Formerly reserved for the Emperor and nobility, Shincha is the highly sought-after, first harvest Sencha picked in the Spring at the very beginning of the green tea season. Extremely fresh, nourishing and revitalising, with a noble flavour. Shipped directly from the tea farm. Only while stocks last.

Hashiri Shincha 2022

Japan's very first shincha, from the fertile and naturally idyllic Pacific islands of Tanegashima and Yakushima (Ōsumi Islands). Pesticide-free.

88 Ya No Shincha

An ideal gift for a tea lover: the most sought-after shincha, traditionally harvested on the 88th day after the beginning of spring. From top regions in Shizuoka. Only while stocks last.
  1. €29.90


    €37.38 / 100g

  2. €57.10 €59.80


    €35.69 / 100g

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