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Shiboridashi & Hohin

Specialist handleless teapots to fully release the aroma and flavour of the finest Japanese green teas – particularly Gyokuro and Kabusecha. Descended from the Chinese Gaiwan, these palm-sized vessels are designed for slow brewing at low temperatures and come in a variety of unglazed clays as well as porcelain.


Squeeze every last drop out of your best leaves with the super flat Shiboridashi (絞り出し, lit. "squeeze out"). The connoisseurs' vessel of choice for preparing Gyokuro, the tea is extracted through the tiny, strainer-free gap between the lid and body. Deeper models with a high rim are also suitable for large leaf Chinese teas.


The Hōhin (宝瓶) translates to "treasure jar" and is the perfect teapot for brewing single servings of your most prized teas. Typically shaped like a cup with a built-in strainer and spout, this makes it especially suited for smaller leaves.
  1. Junzo Maekawa



  2. Yoshiki Murata



  3. Yoshiki Murata



  4. Yoshiki Murata



  5. Asahiyaki

    2x 60ml, 2x 150ml


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