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An exclusive selection of fermented teas from traditional cultivation in the highlands of Yunnan, harvested from centuries-old tea trees grown in the oldest tea forest in the world.

Sheng Pu-Erh (Raw)

Naturally matured pu-erh tea from Yunnan. Young Sheng pu-erh teas are reminiscent of strong green teas and have a vitalising effect. Older Sheng pu-erh teas have a rounded, ripe fruit flavour and a relaxing effect on the body and mind.
  1. €45.90


    €128.57 / 1kg

  2. As low as €15.90


    €31.80 / 100g

  3. As low as €17.90


    €44.75 / 100g

  4. €59.90


    €167.79 / 1kg

Shou Pu-Erh (Fast Ripe)

Quickly matured pu-erh tea from Yunnan. Shou pu-erh teas are known for their full-bodied, fermented flavour. They are digestible, easy on the stomach, low in caffeine and have a calming effect.
  1. Premium 91 P.

    Wuliang Mtn., Yunnan



    €14.90 / 100g

  2. As low as €16.90


    €16.90 / 100g

  3. As low as €16.50


    €41.25 / 100g

  4. Super Premium 96 P.

    Bang Wei Mtn., Yunnan

    As low as €22.90


    €57.25 / 100g

Heicha - Dark Tea

Post-fermented dark teas (heicha 黑茶) develop distinctly deep and earthy flavours through microbiotic ageing. Grown in pristine natural surroundings on Furong Mountain, our pressed anhua heicha is sourced from the only Ceres organic-certified farmer in the region. Our selection also includes liu bao tea from Guangxi, China, matured traditionally in bamboo baskets. All teas come from pesticide-free cultivation.
  1. Super Premium 97 P.

    Furong Mt., Anhua



    €61.80 / 100g

  2. Premium 94 P.

    Liu Bao Town, Guangxi



    €17.90 / 100g

  3. Super Premium 96 P.

    Liu Bao Town, Guangxi



    €26.90 / 100g


Fermented teas (Hakkōcha 発酵茶) from Japan are a true rarity, and even within Japan are not typically known outside of the small area in which they are cultivated. Hakkōcha have a deep connection to the traditions of their respective regions and are only produced by very few tea farmers. Our double-fermented goishicha from Kōchi prefecture offers a completely novel and unique flavour experience, surprising the palate with its sour, fruity notes and woody aromas.
  1. Highest Grade 99 P.

    Ōtoyo, Kōchi



    €99.50 / 100g

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