Organic Hojicha Pulver
Uji Wazuka

Super Premium 96 P.

Premium Hojicha powder from Uji, sourced directly from the prime terroir of Wazuka. Gently roasted, ideal for brewing with water or serving as a latte with any kind of milk. Using only leaves from the autumn harvest, controlled organic cultivation. 100g
  • Top terroir in Uji, the cradle of Japanese green tea
  • Sourced directly from Uji's most famous village, Wazuka
  • Organic cultivation in Uji is rare and requires a great deal of expertise
  • 3rd generation family business
  • Isolated, high-altitude region with extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Slow roasted especially for us, for an incomparably rich roast aroma
  • Can be brewed as a tasty tea, also wonderfully suited for baking
  • A delight either served with water or as a latte


Character Full-bodied, delicate sweetness, deep roasted notes, virtually no bitterness
Tea Garden One of the few organic farmers in Wazuka, Uji
Terroir Wazuka, Soraku, Kyoto
Harvest Autumn harvest, roasted in October 2021
Cultivar Okumidori
Elevation 190m above sea level
Roast Tencha roasted directly over an open fire (直火焙煎), then ground with a ball mill
Organic Cert. EU certified organic, JAS organic
Grade 96/100 p. (hojicha category); Super Premium

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Tea Farm

This matcha comes from a 3rd-generation family tea garden where tea plants are grown according to the highest organic standards. Organically produced tea from Wazuka, the epicenter of green tea production in Uji, is a great rarity. Thanks to the bracing climate with its extreme temperature fluctuations between day and night, the proximity to the picturesque Wazuka River, as well as the optimal location on the central Hara mountain slope, guaranteeing good drainage, the tea plants have an ideal environment in which to fully develop the coveted Uji aroma.



Particularly fine Hojicha powder with a full roasted note and beautiful sweetness. Prepare with any kind of milk for a latte, or simply brew with water for a classic tea. A great pleasure to drink owing to the leaves' high quality and the absence of any unpleasant bitterness. A wonderful alternative to coffee.


To make hojicha, a classic Japanese green tea, the fine needles are gently roasted in special hojicha roasters after being processed into sencha or bancha, allowing them to develop malty-sweet aromas and even notes of caramel. Unlike most of our competitors, we only use the highest quality leaves from the 1st harvests for our hojichas, a difference that has an extremely positive effect on both taste and nutritional content. Due to its mild character, hojicha is also extremely popular in Japan during the winter holidays and is very popular after hearty meals and feasts.

Cultivation & Processing

Uji is the cradle of Japanese tea culture and is considered the best tencha terroir in Japan. The mountain village of Wazuka is the heart of green tea cultivation in Uji; its reputation as a mecca for fine tea was established over 800 years ago. With the Wazuka River flowing through the picturesque village, drenching the region in a hazy morning mist at sunrise, it regularly tops the list of Japan's most beautiful villages. The soil and mountain slopes enable very good drainage, allowing water to run off quickly and thus causing no stress or damage to the tea plants' roots. This results in supple, thin tea leaves. Due to the cold winter and high humidity, the leaves grow at a slow pace and remain soft and deep in flavour for a long time. High-quality, pesticide-free teas are extremely rare in this region due to high competitive pressures, and it takes years of experience to achieve the harmonious umami that is so coveted. While most matchas are comprised of a blend of different cultivars, this matcha exclusively contains the intensely green Okumidori cultivar.

Single Origin

This tea is exclusively sourced from the above mentioned tea farm in Uji.

Sourced directly from the tea farmer.


Organic Certification


Brewing Guide

1-2 heaped tsp per 200-300ml (80-90°C) water. Stir well. Particularly suitable as a hojicha latte; just brew for a little longer and add any milk as desired.


High-quality, airtight, resealable standing zipper pouch with 9 protective layers to preserve flavour and protect against oxidation and contamination. The tea is vacuum packaged according to the highest standards in Japan, with a small quantity of nitrogen added to the package to protect against oxidation.

Recommended Teapot

This hojicha powder can be added directly to a Yunomi and diluted with hot water. Alternatively, a high-volume, earth-toned Dobin is recommended for making a larger amount of hojicha in style.

Recommended Storage

Ideally store in a quality tea caddy made from cherry tree bark (wooden, kabazaiku chazutsu) or an airtight, double-coated metal tin.

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