Organic Green Tea
Starter Set


Our starter set with cost-effective organic sencha from Kagoshima (100g) and an original Japanese tokoname kyusu, hand-thrown from natural clay. 360ml, black, with an integrated stainless steel strainer.

Sencha Kirishima Bio, Premium (92/100P.)

A very "rounded" mountain sencha from the top terroir of Makizono in Kirishima. The high mountain location in the picturesque Kirishima Mountains lends the tea a pleasant, strong character. At the same time, this tea is also mild and sweet in flavour. The southern cultivars used for this tea, which are only gently steamed during production, are responsible for this delightful taste.

Kyusu Tokoname, Sawayaka Kuro

An original Japanese teapot with a side handle, ideal for preparing quality Japanese green teas. Red clay, black coating (chara, チャラ), oxidation firing, 330ml.

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Kyusu Tokoname Tomisen Sawayaka Kuro

A classic black Tokoname-yaki Kyusu teapot, perfect for enjoying all kinds of Japanese green tea including Fukamushi Sencha, thanks to a fitted stainless steel mesh strainer. This practical all-rounder is handcrafted at the Tomisen kiln in Tokoname: a historic ceramic centre renowned for its red iron-rich clay.

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Organic Sencha Kirishima

Premium organic sencha from Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Japan. The tea fields are at 670m elevation in the prime terroir of Makizono in the Kirishima Mountains. Masterful blend of full-bodied southern cultivars and yabukita. Nutritious and ideal for daily enjoyment. 100g. Also available as a 500g bulk package.

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