Organic Mountain Mursalski
4x50g Set


Our reduced set of original organic Mursalski mountain tea (Sideritis scardica), collected from the Rhodope Mountains above the village of Trigrad, Bulgaria. The sideritis grows freely in mountain meadows at an elevation of 1,800m and is harvested by hand, air dried and sourced directly from the farm. German laboratory tested. A rarity. 4x50g
Character Aromatic, floral, light notes of honey, round and full, alkaline
Origin Small family business in Trigrad
Terroir Rhodope Mountains, in a mountain meadow above Trigrad, Bulgaria
Harvest Hand-harvested during peak bloom in July/August for the highest concentration of polyphenols
Cultivar Sideritis Scardica - Rhodope Trigrad
Drying Exclusively air-dried in the shade
Elevation 1,800m above sea level
Cultivation EU certified organic
Laboratory Tests Available lab tests: Pesticides (as of 02/2017)
Grade 100/100 p. (mountain tea category); Highest Grade

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€149.50 / 1kg

Tea Farm

All herbs come from the wild mountain meadows of the Rhodope Mountains. The terroir is world famous as the home of the legendary Mursalski mountain tea, which is also part of this blend. The herbs come from natural cultivation without the use of plant protection products and some even from free wild collection in the mountains. After harvesting, the herbs are gently dried in the shade by the regionally based small family business and processed further.



This Mursalski tea is the top performer in our mountain tea tasting. Various advantageous cultivation and processing factors contribute to its superior quality: the pristine natural environment, high elevation, bracing climate, fertile soil, native plant variety, the natural growth of the plants without intervention and not least the selection of the finest stems and flowers during peak bloom for a uniquely impressive aroma. This aroma carries through in the flavour, which is both quite floral and alkaline. The tea is reminiscent of an herbal mountain meadow with pleasant, light notes of honey. A superb mountain tea.


Beautiful lush branches with extremely large, full and fresh spikes and bright yellow flowers


Vibrant, light and clear yellow/brown

Mountain Teas (Sideritis)

The mountain tea Sideritis scardica is endemic to the mountains of the Balkan peninsula (Bulgaria, Greece, Albania). Shephards have consumed this tea for centuries while traveling with their herds. Depending on the terroir, mountain and elevation, the mountain tea plant can develop a different array of compounds, which affects aroma and flavour. The best mountain teas are grown wild at an elevation of over 1,200m above sea level. Premium mountain teas are made from the upper stems of the plants with thick flowers that are hand harvested and air dried.

Cultivation & Processing

Mountain tea, formally know as Sideritis scardica, is endemic to the Balkan Peninsula (especially Bulgaria, Greece and Albania). Depending on which mountain the tea grows, the tea will have a different aroma and profile of plant compounds.

The most famous mountain tea from Bulgaria, the Mursalski Trigradski Tea, originates from the Rhodope Mountains above the small village of Trigrad (640 inhabitants) and Muğla in the Musalitsa region in southern Bulgaria, along the border with Greece. The sideritis belongs to the red category of endangered plants and can only be harvested under certain conditions.

Our original Mursalski Trigradski Tea grows in its natural habitat at 1,800m above sea level (the tea is grown at elevations above 1,500m). Exclusively the seeds of wild, native mountain tea are planted on the mountain meadows. After planting, they are left in the nature to grow freely.

The tea is hand-harvested during the peak bloom period in July/August when the plant is richest in polyphenols. Only the upper stems and whole flowers are carefully selected and harvested. The pickings are then hung up to gently dry in the shade and are then packaged for Sunday. The process is as simple and natural as possible.

Single Origin

This tea is exclusively sourced from the above mentioned mountain fields about Trigrad. Sourced directly from the farmers.

Organic Certification


For the Best Taste and Everyday Enjoyment

2–3 stems of tea, broken down, per 300–400ml boiling water (100°C). Steep for 10 minutes. Honey or fresh lemon juice complement the herbal flavour.

For a Stronger, More Bitter Tea

Same as above, but with 500ml of water instead, then simmered for 3 minutes and left to steep for another 5–10 minutes.


Packed by the farmer in food-safe, BPA-free packaging.

Recommended Teapot

The ideal teapot is a large glass or porcelain teapot with a strainer.

Recommended Storage

Best stored in an airtight tea caddy.

Side Effects

No known side effects. Due to the high flavonoid content, this tea is not recommended for children under the age of 4 or individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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