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Metabolism HPU

Persistent irregularities in metabolic function can be accompanied by fatigue, exhaustion and intolerances. Targeted and mindful dietary supplementation, for example of vitamin B6, zinc and manganese, can compensate for possible losses of essential micronutrients. B6 supports the nervous system, psyche and hormonal activity, zinc supports fat and carbohydrate metabolism as well as the protection of cells from oxidative stress, while manganese plays a role in energy metabolism.


Coordinated sets: Multimineral Sensitive which does not contain iodine, copper or iron, developed together with Silke Nunner from Munich; our Essentials Vitamins I; the highly popular Omega-3 Complex; Vitamins I Forte, the premium, high-dose version of Vitamins I; and Vitamins II Omega, which includes vitamin D3, K2 and antioxidants.
  1. No Iodine, Copper, Iron

    zinc, manganese, magnesium


    €17.28 / 100g

  2. B, C, Q10 & More

    plus phytonutrients


    90 capsules

    €34.30 / 100g



    90 softgels

    €21.41 / 100g

  1. B, C, Q10 & More

    high dose


    90 capsules

    €32.21 / 100g

  2. Omega-3, D, E, K, ...

    astaxanthin + beta-carotene


    60 softgels

    €33.33 / 100g

Bioactive Vitamin B6 (PLP)

Bioactive vitamin B6 in the form of PLP (pyridoxal phosphate). High-dose capsules with 25mg of vitamin B6 are available in cases of increased requirements.
  1. 25mg

    active PLP


    120 capsules

    €32.67 / 100g


High-dose Vitamin D for long-term supplementation when high amounts of vitamin D are required. Custom-made vegetarian vitamin D3 with the addition of K2 MK7 (K2VITAL®): ultra-pure, no additives.

Amino Acids

8 essential amino acids in the same ratio prescribed in the Master Amino Pattern. Derived from the fermentation of plants and combined with important and rare amino acids, peptides and other bioactives: L-theanine, GABA, L-glutathione, L-carnitine, glycine, taurine and Chinese yam powder. Supplies 100% vegan amino acids.
  1. MAP, Theanine, GABA

    naturally sourced


    120 capsules

    €18.02 / 100g

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