Matcha Set


Premium Matcha Set with all the acessoires needed for an authentic Matcha preparation, as well as the noble organic Matcha Uji Premium, originally milled on granite stones in Uji.

Premium Organic Matcha Uji

Premium quality matcha, 100% from 1st harvest, organic quality ground on granite stone mills in Uji, top terroir Kirishima. Light delicate bitterness, subtly sweet and strong umami, nice airiness and freshness.

Matcha Bowl Fūun

Original Japanese matcha bowl (Chawan 茶碗), black glaze outside, inside with white and dark gradients on light blue background. Handmade in Gifu, the center of the Mino-Yaki tradition.

Matcha Whisk 80 Pondate, Golden Bamboo

Handmade matcha whisk with 80 bristles made of light gold bamboo for authentic preparation of matcha powder.

Matcha Spoon Chashaku, Golden Bamboo

Flat matcha spoon made of light gold bamboo. Traditional flat shape for perfect dosing of matcha and smoothie powder.

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Organic Matcha Okinami

The finest tea from the leading organic matcha farmer collective, cultivated near the sea in Shibushi, South Kagoshima. Pleasant and palatable for newcomers to matcha. From the premium Yutakamidori cultivar, suitable for usucha, matcha latte and baking. 40g

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Whip up a storm in a tea bowl: this black matchawan has a dramatic white swirl on the inside that represents the winds and clouds – or fūun in Japanese. Hand-turned into the classic wan shape, suitable for everyday use and those starting their matcha journey.

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Matcha Whisk Chasen Shiro 80

Handmade gold bamboo 80 pondate matcha whisk for the traditional preparation of matcha.

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Matcha Scoop Straight Gold

Everyday straight matcha scoop handcrafted from a single piece of golden bamboo in a standardised size to measure out the ideal amount of powdered matcha tea. Perfect for daily use, as well as for tea ceremonies and Okeiko lessons.

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