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Matcha Accessories

Make the most of your Matcha with the right tools: from essential Chawan bowls and bamboo Chasen whisks, to ceremonial Natsume caddies and Fukusa silk cloths – find your way of tea here now.

Matcha Sets

Practical sets with everything you need to whip up a bowl of Matcha. Perfect for newcomers and as gifts.
  1. Set

    2-piece set

    €26.41 €27.80

    1 set

  2. Set

    3-piece set

    €31.60 €33.30

  3. Set

    4-piece set

    €45.79 €48.20

  4. Set

    Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha, Matcha

    €59.47 €63.20


    €174.91 / 1kg

Chawan - Matcha Bowls

Authentic Matcha Bowls for the traditional preparation of Matcha tea, directly imported from historic ceramic centres in Japan. All our Chawan (or Matchawan) bowls are handcrafted from natural clay in a variety of popular styles and shapes.
  1. Mino



  2. Mino



  3. Mino



  4. Mino



Chasen - Matcha Whisks

Hand-carved from a single piece of flexible yet robust bamboo, the Chasen whisk is used to blend powdered Matcha with hot water. Chasen with 80 to 120 tines are suitable for regular matcha or Usucha tea, while those with 60 to 80 tines are used to prepare thick Koicha tea, as drunk during formal ceremonies.
  1. Gold Bamboo

    80 tines


  2. Gold Bamboo

    100 tines


  3. Gold Bamboo

    120 tines


  4. Purple Bamboo

    80 tines


Chashaku - Spoons

Carved by hand from bamboo or wood, Chashaku are an essential tool for measuring and scooping out Matcha during the Japanese tea ceremony, as well as for everyday drinking.

Furui - Matcha Sifters

Whether whipping up a bowl of tea, or mixing Matcha into baked goods, smoothies or shakes, a fine mesh Matcha Furui or sifter will remove any small lumps and help unfold the aroma for the smoothest result.
  1. Stainless Steel



  2. Gato Mikio



Natsume - Matcha Caddies

The Natsume caddy is used during the Japanese tea ceremony to store Matcha before it is whisked into thin Usucha tea. Our selection of Natsume range from everyday models perfect for Okeiko lessons, through to exquisite Urushi masterpieces that make for treasured Chadōgu.
  1. Yamanaka



  2. Yamanaka



  3. Yamanaka



  4. Yamanaka



Matcha Caddies

From Kabazaiku cherry bark and Urushi lacquer, to robust tinplate and charming copper, our range of small, airtight caddies make sure your Matcha stays fresh and vibrant for longer.
  1. Cherry Bark

    for 40g Tea


  2. Keyaki

    for 45g Tea


  3. for 50g Tea


  4. Cherry Bark

    for 40g Tea


Fukusa - Silk Cloths

Fukusa silk cloths are used for the ritual cleaning of tea utensils as part of the Japanese matcha tea ceremony. Imported directly from Japan, our Fukusa come in three traditional colours and different weights.
  1. Silk

    5 Momme


  2. Silk

    6 Momme


  3. Silk

    7 Momme


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